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Written Assignment 4: Labeling and Conflict Theory (Reaction Paper Sample)


Written Assignment 4
You will complete a critical analysis and reflection. This written exercise must be in APA style and format, a minimum of 500 words in length excluding the abstract. When writing your papers, think in terms of providing a critical overview of the reading, identifying and highlighting the significant facts revealed, and closing with your own well-reasoned and informed scholarly deduced conclusion(s). Keep in mind the required 500 words without the Abstract is the minimum requirement for average performance relative to the wording volume. Refer to the Syllabus for more detailed instructions. 
Lilly, J.R., Cullen, F.T., and Ball, R.A., (2015). Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences (6th Edition) Sage Publications. ISBN 978-1-4522-5816-4.


Written assignment 4: Labeling and Conflict Theory
The two main categories of sociological theories of crime are labeling and conflict theories. The theorists highlight that institutions may have a more profound impact on delinquency than previously imagined, and even the way the society reacts may help explain juvenile crime. If law and justice are applied equally across the board, then it is likely fewer people will engage in crime. Additionally, when the justice system is quick to label people as deviants, they are more likely to be viewed as this. In any case, the social control is associated with maintaining law, order and the status quo. The labeling and conflict theories have different explanations for criminal behavior and deviance.
Concerns about the prevalence of crime necessitated a reevaluation of the criminology theories in the 1950’s, leading to the emergence of the labeling theories. Even though, the problem of deviant cuts across cultures, those who put labels were thought to influence perceptions (Lilly, Cullen, & Ball, 2015). People’s reaction to the labeled behavior also depended on how the issue is framed. The state role’s role in eliminating crime requires the intervention of the criminal justice system. there are concern is that labeling people as criminals and ex felons and trying them differently as though they should be away from other people in the society. For instance, state intervention may fail to root out criminal behavior, where those engaged in criminal behavior cannot pull out of the criminal justice system that seeks to control their activities.
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