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Business and Human Rights: Interview with John Ruggie (Reaction Paper Sample)

Course Information: LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS BUS 2008 01 INSTRUCTIONS FOR WRITTEN PROJECTS All projects must be typed. Length: All projects shall be no shorter than three pages. Recommended length is from 3 to 5 pages. Content: Choose an article or news story from a recent publication having to do with bsiness regulation or business ethics. Recent should mean within the past three months. Exceptions will be granted only after consultation with the instructor. (http://business-ethics(dot)com/2011/10/30/8127-un-principles-on-business-and-human-rights-interview-with-john-ruggie/) *Note that this is a business course, your project should be relevant to business. Write an essay or analysis of the material in the article to help the reader better understand the textbook discussion or to help crystallize your own opinion about the textbook materials. Your conclusions do not have to reflect the opinions of the reader or the majority of the class; however, your discussion should be clear, be supported by some evidence other than personal opinion, and be consistent. This is not merely a report, but your analysis. Your project should have the following: An introduction which briefly describes to the reader the material to be discussed and which identifies the position you are taking regarding the material; A middle in which you discuss, analyze, and comment on the material in the article. You should bring out concepts included in the text, and you are encouraged to provide rational disagreement to any points promoted in the article; and A conclusion in which you tie together the various points articulated in your discussion. source..

Response to: Business and Human Rights: Interview with John Ruggie
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The article talks about violation of human rights in the organizations, they should not violate the human rights at any time while conducting their daily transactions and in case of infringement, and then they should be in a position to provide redress.
Organizations, states and other businesses should be in a position to implement the UN’s three pillars, “Protect, Respect and Remedy” framework by using the guiding principles dealing in Business and Human rights for them to effectively manage issues arising out of the businesses in regard to the human right problems.
“Protect” refers to the protection given against violation of the human rights. When a country takes this initiative of human rights, then those that have their rights enumerated in the guiding principles are legally protected against any such abuse that is related to human rights abuse.
“Respect” refers to the business involvement in respecting these rights. It concerns itself with the corporate responsibility in the social environment. Organizations are governed by the state laws and should therefore be in willing and ready to respect the social environment in which they operate in. The domestic courts set standards and rules that have to be adhered to by the corporate firms; these can include crimes against humanity, etc. practicing corporate responsibility is the minimum expectation by the society of the business in meeting their demand and this includes the human rights conducts. Therefore, businesses are at no position to infringe others’ human rights as they go about their business dealings.
“Remedy”: this is provided by the state and involves the remedy provided by the judiciary or non judiciary. Organizations are deemed to comply in dealing with grievances as they arise and at their early stages. Companies too can create a mechanism of dealing with grievances arising in their businesses as soon as they occur before they build up to become major lawsuits.
Discuss, analyzes, and comments on the material in the article.
Organizations should be concerned about human rights because their stakeholders call for it, legal laws suits have a concern for it, protection of the company’s image, due to social pressure, rev...
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