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Critical and Feminist Theories: Criminology Research (Reaction Paper Sample)


You will complete a critical analysis and reflection. This written exercise must be in APA style and format, a minimum of 500 words in length excluding the abstract. When writing your papers, think in terms of providing a critical overview of the reading, identifying and highlighting the significant facts revealed, and closing with your own well-reasoned and informed scholarly deduced conclusion(s). Keep in mind the required 500 words without the Abstract is the minimum requirement for average performance relative to the wording volume. Refer to the Syllabus for more detailed instructions.
Lilly, J.R., Cullen, F.T., and Ball, R.A., (2015). Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences (6th Edition) Sage Publications. ISBN 978-1-4522-5816-4.
Chapters 9 & 10


Feminism is a theme that has been in the society for quite some time. It is one that is associated with the struggles that women in the society have had to endure in a male dominated society. Ironically, over the years, there have been research papers that have pointed to the idea that women are actually inferior to their male counterparts. It is for this reason that for the better part of industrialization, women have been relegated to positions that are considered to be less demanding (Lilly, Cullen & Ball, 2015). While there have been some very subtle changes in the notions and the policies surrounding the element of equality, there is still deep seated chauvinistic aspects in the society. However, this paper points to the various shifts in criminology and feminism.
Feminism can be traced back to the Roman Empire, when women started reforms to make sure that they were treated comparatively as their male counterparts. These were efforts that at the time did not end well for most of the participants relative to the unrests and deaths that ensured. The mid-19th century also saw some progress from the women movements, fighting for women rights in an America (Lilly, Cullen & Ball, 2015). This is a time in period that saw some of the most radical changes in society, with women gaining some significant ground in their fight for equality.
The element of social inequ...
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