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W4: Writing Task. Children Should Be Charged in Juvenile Court System (Reaction Paper Sample)


For this activity, you are to combine your efforts from the Locate a Source (ATTACHED) and Thesis Topic(ATTACHED) to compose a three to five paragraph response to the source you acquired. Your response should successfully develop and defend the thesis statement you developed in the thesis activity.
As a refresher, remember that an introduction provides an overview of the topic, a hook to get the reader’s interest, and your thesis. The body provides a topic sentence, as well as specific details that build upon the topic sentence and that offer specific evidence in support of your thesis. The conclusion summarizes the essay and provides closure.


Children Should Be Charged in Juvenile Court System
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Children Should Be Charged in Juvenile Court System
During the 1700s, adults and juveniles were charged in the same court, and the prison populations were mixed up. In particular, children with the age of seven years were charged, sentenced, tried, and convicted in adult criminal courts since there existed no distinction based on gender, mental illness, or age. In 1899, was introduced in Cook County, Illinois. Although the government seems committed to ensuring all citizens adhere to the set laws and regulations, the juvenile court system should charge children as opposed to subjecting them to similar charges with adults, thus staving off disparities.

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