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Unit III Journal: Improvement of Zoning By-Laws (Reaction Paper Sample)


Think about the regulations in your locality and specifically reflect on one regulation that could use some improvement or be entirely removed. Describe what you would recommend regarding this regulation and why?
Response should reflect in- depth consideration and personalization of the theories, concepts, and/or strategies presented. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful. Response demonstrates synthesis of ideas presented.
Unit Lesson
Superheroes add another dimension to the discussion of ethics. The story of Batman and Robin has withstood the test of time, moving from a comic book to a television series and through a series of motion picture movies. Batman, first introduced in 1939, has a 70-year old venue. The basic storyline revolves around a masked superhero named Batman, his young assistant Robin, and Commissioner Gordon. The trio set out to rid the world of numerous unscrupulous characters, such as the Joker, Catwoman, Bane, Harley Quinn, and the like. Each villain has their own creative path of destruction that Batman and Robin attempt to fend off with the ultimate goal of saving the world.
As Batman and Robin attempt to stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City, the audience is always prepared for non-stop action and special effects. Ethically speaking, Batman and Robin look to maintain justice for the community and world. Mr. Freeze will freeze anything that gets in his way—no matter the cost to humanity.
Joker, on the other hand, attempts a social experiment where he hands two detonators over—one to each ferry driver. Joker tells each ferry driver that he or she has the power to blow up the other ferry. If the ferry drivers do not blow up the other ferry in a prescribed amount of time, the Joker states that he will blow both of them up.
Batman always seemed above the law when contemplating appropriate solutions to these dilemmas. Batman had an uncanny ability to maintain an aura as a detective in the space of “for the better of all.” Applying this thinking to modern-day ethics, if an individual puts on a mask and promises to better the interests of society, is this behavior ethically correct?
Batman used techniques such as kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, and assault, toIname a few. One might suggest that lying to the public, while officials (Commissioner Gordon) secretly supported a law-breaking, crime-fighting activity, would be justifiable, which is a slippery slope to approach when the justification is “for its own good.” One of the more recent movies using technology showed Batman tapping into every cell phone in Gotham City in hopes of locating the Joker. With the ongoing discussion of behavioral tracking, identity theft, and privacy, Batman again approached an ethical wall.
Recognizing ethical issues within business seems to be at the forefront of ethical decision making. Commissioner Gordon seemingly did not recognize the ethical issues or possibly chose to ignore them. Business people constantly face ethical decisions in which they are asked to make the most ethically sound decision while also making the decision that is in the “best interests of the company.” The easier decisions are those where these two coincide, but more times than not, they do not line up, which causes disparity and potentially unethical business decisions, as demonstrated in the Batman shows. In today's business world, lying to supervisors, falsifying records, alcohol/drug abuse, conflict of interest, and stealing or receiving unauthorized gifts are unfortunately common practice.


Unit III Journal: Improvement of Zoning By-Laws
Institutional Affiliation
Unit III Journal: Improvement of Zoning By-Laws
Ethical conduct is a core part of any business, and particularly one that looks to build a solid reputation within its niche. As such, it is vital that the organization in question consistently acts in ways that reinforce the image of ethical excellence that it looks to project. However, it must also be acknowledged that observing ethical business conduct can be challenging, seeing as such decisions will often work against the organizational goals of the business. In essence, many business leaders are faced with ethical dilemmas that can be best elaborated through the prism of superheroes such as Batman and Robin.
At certain times, the ethically correct thing to do can easily be the exact opposite of what a business needs and this fact also holds true to civil service and political leadership. For instance, the case

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