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Experience, Learning and Experiential Learning (Reaction Paper Sample)


you must use the readings attached to resound to the following.After reading Kolb and Clark and White: Define, and differentiate among,
“experience” (carrying out a task or activity), “learning” (acquiring knowledge) and
“experiential learning” (acquiring knowledge specifically from experience).
b. Provide professional and/or personal examples of each


Week 1 response
Experience, Learning and Experiential Learning
Learning is defined as an integrated process that incorporates immediate life experiences followed by a collection of data and observation. The Most important part of learning is the immediate personal experience because it is the focal point for learning. Learning is described as a complex intellectual operation that involves the surrounding condition, understanding knowledge obtained from the information and advice of those who have had a wider experience. In other words, learning is a transaction between the person and the environment. Learning can also be termed as a holistic adaptive process; it provides conceptual bridges across life situation such as experiences from school and work making it to be a continuous lifelong process.
In summary, learning can be defined as an active, self-directed process that can be applie...
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