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BUS520 Discussion Post: Exceptional Cases Of Violations Of Assumptions (Reaction Paper Sample)


Respond to both posts. Your response should be substantive and further the discussion. It is OK to be critical and use critical thinking. That means you can question what your classmates say. Do they provide their own critical thinking and logic?. 135 words each. See attachments


BUS520 Discussion Post
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BUS520 Discussion Post
First Response
Omar, you provide exceptional cases of violations of assumptions that could result in adverse consequences for the company. A case example is that of Apple forecasting higher demand only that Samsung is the most anticipated smartphone in the same period. It is definite that such a procedure will result in the share price plummeting, but it is also right to offer at least a mitigation measure. Keselman, Algina, Lix, Wilcox, and Deering (2008) offer a simple yet effective strategy that the first step in this procedure is to guarantee that all assumptions have been met. On the other hand, the firm ought to have contingency measures or solutions for any challenges associated with violations. Statistical tests have also been used regularly to check for violations of assumptions (Hoekstra, Kiers, & Johnson, 2012). These procedures are bound to minimize the impact of any gross mistake in the firm.
Second Response
I agree with your evaluation Steven that the violation of assumption resu

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