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What Is Your View Of The Government’s Role In Society? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I am not sure if you guys handle this kind of request, I am interested in pursuing my Ph.D. in public policy, one of the requirement was to write a statement of purpose. since I've been working with you guys and very satisfied with the writing, I wanted you guys to handle this as well.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Public Policy
The Statement of Purpose is an opportunity to demonstrate to application reviewers why you wish to pursue a doctoral degree at Liberty University, and also to showcase graduate-level writing abilities for their consideration.
In 1000 – 1500 words, please address the following:
What is your view of the government’s role in society?
It provides social security that enables citizens to create their own economic security.
What do you hope to contribute to the discipline of public policy by obtaining this degree? help me get a better career and help my country and government if an opportunity present itself


Statement of Purpose
Student Name
Professor’s Name
What is your view of the government’s role in society?
The government or governments mainly provide social security for all citizens. The provision of social security helps to make sure that citizens can create their own economic security. Every person has the right to social security. This right ensures that all individuals have access to government benefits. These benefits could be either in kind or in cash and are to be made accessible to all people regardless of their social status. In the provision of this right, there has to be no discrimination. For this right to be delivered in full and to meet its purposes, it has to be administered to citizens without any ounce of discrimination. No citizen should be deemed more deserving than the other. A government is an impartial authority body and it is thus expected to work without any instances of discrimination. By doing so, it creates an environment of co-existence among the citizens.
Citizens need to believe in the government’s agenda for their lives. So, on the part of the government, this means there has to be a vision and a plan to actualize the vision. Aside from the above, citizens have to feel like they are a part of what the government is doing. This means that the government has to involve its people in either decision making or actualizing its vision for the country. However, the citizens have to believe in the vision the government sets forth. So, another role the government plays in society is to instill a sense of belief.
It is the work of the government to instill hope in the citizens. In providing social security, the government is slowly instilling hope in the people. In a country of millions, it is possible for the citizens to lose hope in their government. The results of such a situation would be a disintegrating economy and people with the sense to satisfy self instead of working for the greater good. When the central government works to unite its citizens under one cause, it is indeed possible to instill hope and to make sure everyone is working towards a common goal.
The government is also responsible for making sure the disadvantaged in society do not feel abandoned or neglected. As indicated before, it is the work of the government to involve every citizen in its plans. However, as is often the case, there are some who end up getting maligned mainly because of discrimination. Accessibility of government’s resources needs to be made simpler especially for the disadvantaged. Instances of discrimination often lead to the emergence of these dis

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