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SOC-100 Short Answers: Quiz 4 (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Complete the quiz in a Word document. This is an open book quiz. The answer to each question must be 100-125 words.
Topic 4
1. How do property, power, and prestige affect your personal social class? According to Marx’s conflict perspective in what social class do you belong and why?
2. From your perspective, what are the current shifts in global stratification? How does this affect the economic and political power of the United States?
3. In the current economic situation in the United States what do you project will happen to social mobility and the American Dream?
4. Describe the Horatio Alger myth. Based on your own experience discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the myth for both men and women.


SOC-100 Short Answers
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Soc-100 Short Answers
Question 1
In my opinion, having a lot of money and property, which can also be refereed as being wealthy, is a very powerful thing and can greatly impact a person’s life and especially their social life. Another thing taken to be the second component of social class is power. When one is amazing and perfect in whatever job they do and hence paid well for it can make one powerful in the society and in companies too. The third component of social class is prestige and being respected all over the world for the achieving good quality in something can also influence and affect the social class of a person. People in the present society majorly focus on what people have and this makes them judge people on the material things they have. According to Marx, I belong to the working social class because I have not accumulated a lot of wealth but depend on my job to provide for my family and get by with life.
Question 2
In my opinion, I think that the current shift that exists is the change in global stratification. Individuals in the present time are making it a major issue to point out things that will classify people and regroup them based on different things. An

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