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SOC-100 Short Answer Quiz 2: Similarities and the Differences (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Complete the quiz in a Word document. This is an open book quiz. The answer to each question must be 100-125 words.
Topic 2
1. What Life Course stage are you currently in according to the textbook? Analyze the stage based on your own experience. What are the similarities and the differences?
2. Use the concepts of dramaturgy to analyze an everyday situation at work, school, or family. Include the concepts of impressions management, sign-vehicles, team-work, or face-saving behaviors.
3. From the interactionist perspective discuss how you engage in your “personal bubble” using the four “distance zones.”
4. Give a brief discussion of three of the main agents of socialization in your life. Which one was the most influential and why?


Soc-100 Short Answer Questions
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Soc-100 Short Answer Questions
Question 1
After reading chapter three of the book, am currently in the Middle years, which range from 30 years to 65 years, because am currently 36 years old. The book talks about how women in the middle ages can be able to multitask, hence earning themselves titles ranging from superwomen, supermoms and super wives. From the analysis I did on the stage that I am in life, based on my life experience, I am at that middle age stage. I am able to be all the women listed above, although I sometimes need help to be them. There are several similarities and differences that I see between the existing groups. Firstly, for the later middle years, it can be seen that people have increased levels of death and health issues compared to those at their middle ages. For the middle ages, people live to achieve their dreams and some even get their first long time jobs.
Question 2
Dramaturgy refers to a sociological point of view that determines the way we interact with people around us. An example of my daily experience that makes me think about dramaturgy is the experience of my place of work. I work for a retirement center in Georgia state as the office manager under the business department. My place

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