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Definition of Terms and Concepts provided in the instructions (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Follow instructions: Only get definitions from the rethinking the color lin. Must be cited with ASA.
Define 4 of the following terms and give an example. Complete answers will have (a) a
definition of the concept, (b) a strong example of the concept, and (c) correct in-text citations. The best definitions draw from multiple sources and are written in your own words. The best
examples clearly exemplify the term or concept and address any nuances in the definition. The following is an example of a correctly written and formatted vocabulary word: According to Shapiro(2012), the wealth gap is the difference in net worth (assets minus debt) between two racial groups. For example, the median wealth of white families in the United States is $97,000, while it is only $1,300 for Hispanic families, making the wealth gap between Whites and Hispanics $95,700 (Austin 2017)
1.One-Drop Rule
2. Pan-Asian Movement
3. Post-Race
4. Stereotype


Topic: Definitions of Terms and Concepts
One-Drop Rule
According to Paul Schor, the one-drop rule is a legal principle or social concept in the United States. It asserts that if someone has one or more ancestors from Africa, then he will be considered a Negro (black male or female). Thomas Jefferson is the best example of that. He was said to have one of his ancestors from Africa, meaning he was a Negro male. He gained fame as the primary author of the Declaration of Independence (Schor 2017).

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