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Discussion board Religion & Theology Research Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Hi! this is not a paper. I would like you to write first half of the writing after reading the file, and answer the question. Bring your reading from Jones' chapter on the Holy Spirit and Cone's The Cross and the Lynching Tree into conversation with each other. What interesting or helpful connection(s) do you see between these works? Explain your answer.
And I would like you to write the second part of the writing on giving a thoughtful and substantive response to my classmate's post. Here is the post I chose.
One connection I found between Jones’ chapter on the Holy Spirit and Cone’s “The Cross and Lynching Tree” was that they both used metaphors involving the cross. Cone highlights the similarities between the cross and the blues. The blues were an outlet for african americans to express their despair in the systematic racism that was prevalent at the time. The blues provided African Americans with hope and joy in a world that seemed to be void of it. Likewise, they saw despair and sorrow in Christ’s unjust death on the cross. Despite this, they were able to find hope in joy in Christ’s resurrection and salvation for all. Similarly, Jones makes a connection between the cross and the present, material world. Jones places an emphasis on bringing God’s kingdom to earth through unification. Jones explains that the spirit is constantly at work, moving through particular people at particular times. I found both of the author’s comparisons interesting and enlightening.


Discussion Board
One connection I found between Jones’ chapter on the Holy Spirit and Cone’s “The Cross and Lynching Tree” was that they both used symbolism in expressing their ideas. In Cone’s book, the Lynching tree symbolizes the black people’s despair and hate in America. Cone’s tries to make sense of the suffering of the lynching tree as a symbol of the way black people were suffering living under the supremacy of the white but still holding on to their Christian faith (Cone, 2011). In Cone’s book, the cross symbolizes God’s love and affection towards the black people since he believes that uniquely, God must know how the blacks are suffering the same way his son was lynched in Jerusalem. Jones’ book, the holy spirit, symbolizes God’s presence on earth. Jones argues that the holy spirit is God’s spiritual way of being

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