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Own Experience, Observable Characteristics: Instant Evaluations (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Write a total of four paragraphs, from the PPT to find any four titles, each one to be a little explanation, and each title to write a own experience


Professor's Name:
Own Experience
Observable characteristics: Instant evaluations. First impressions can arouse strong affect and may trump the effects of proximity. Indicates the influences of past experiences, stereotypes and attributions that do not apply to a particular person, but yet are used in the evaluation of him or her.
When I first walked into the literature class as a new student, I was excited but my excitement doubled when I saw our teacher. He was young and I walked in when he was cracking a joke which meant that the class will not be boring after all. I had never been in his class or even met him but I knew I will enjoy the class and even make a genuine effort to get a good grade. He also spoke with authority but not in a way that is intimidating but in one that is assuring and that shows his mastery of what he is teaching. I knew I was in safe hands but I could not help myself wondering if my attitude towards the course would have been different had I found him in a different state. His first impression had already won my heart and resolve to study.
Does misery love company? People like to affiliate with those who are experiencing the same negative event (why we gravitate towards others during times of stress).
After my best friend decided our friendship was becoming a burden to him, he decided to write me a long text and that is how our relationship ended. I was miserable and I swore not to get another friend at the time. However, but in all my pouting and sulking at life, I was drawn to a certain lady who like me was giving up on life and what it has to offer. Apparently, she had been in a relationship which ended badly, and she

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