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Recommendation Letter To NYU Graduate School Committee (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I want a recommendation letter for applying to the NYU graduate school. The major I applied is MIS (management information system). This recommendation letter is about that I'm working as an intern at a GTJA stockjobber, during the intern, I made some detail analysis from the data information that I collected. Did a great job during the intern. (I hope your recommendation letter can mainly written about my MIS major. This helps me for applying). You, will written this recommendation letter and play a roll of a manager in this stockjobber company.


Recommendation Letter
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Recommendation Letter
Dear NYU Graduate School Committee:
I am writing to you in connection with Mr. Phil Robinson, who has asked me recently to write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. Phil and I talked about his recent decision of pursuing graduate study in Management Information System (MIS) and I am in full support of his decision and strong desire of taking his skill and dedication to the next level. It is therefore my honor to recommend him to be matriculated into the Graduate program at NYU Graduate School.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil and working with him for the last 6 months. In particular, I am the senior manager at GTJA Stockjobber and Phil worked with me here as an undergraduate intern. While on internship, his duties included helping to resolve MIS Helpdesk queries using the company’s helpdesk system and liaising with the company staff directly; helping to establish budgets for hardware and software; deal with process requests and systems queries in relation to systems configuration, problem solving, and technical faults; and produce, automate and generate management information and operational reports, following defined templates and ensuring conformance to information security protocols. Phil also assisted with the release of information pertaining to changes to processes and systems upgrades; collected data and analyzed it; covered for the absence of the company’s Human Resource Systems Manager; and assisted with processes pertaining to system upgrades, including troubleshooting, developing and running system tests, and reviewing release notes.
In addition, he assisted with the management of the company’s Human Resource systems, as required, in terms of updating system tables and values; adding, removing and/or updating user account information and resetting passwords; documenting the configuration of the Human Resource systems; functionality of process flows and data processin

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