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E-Portfolio and Reflective Cover Letter (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Jiani Yu
Professor. Wedgeworth
ENGL 1020
23 April 2019
Reflective Cover Letter
It was a challenging task deciding what writing would best reflect my ability as a writer. While writing this reflective cover letter, I was not sure whether I would produce the kind of document I wanted. Despite the challenges I faced initially, I have grown over the years as a writer. As a result, I decided to include in my portfolio pieces of writing that reflect the steps I have made as a writer. I used the blog on page 3 of the e-portfolio to assist me in choosing a suitable topic for the final essay. The topic for the research essay was about individuals who are serial killers and their motivation for doing so. I have attached the rough drafts as well as the final document on the portfolio. I have included in the portfolio the feedback I received from the instructor and a peer. The instructor’s comments were about things that could be improved on the document. Most of the feedback from the instructor was encouraging. The feedback I received from a peer enabled me to make improvements on the final document.
Development as a Writer
I have taken into consideration the feedback from the instructor to become a better writer. As indicated in the document containing the instructor feedback, the instructor was happy with the progress I had made in the essay. The instructor indicated that I needed to “show the audience what the points mean to the overall argument and how they relate to one another.” The instructor was pleased with the manner I managed to support my ideas with credible sources. The ideas in the essay were well outlined which made it easy for a reader to understand the underlying issue. There was a logical flow of ideas in the essay which made it interesting to read. The instructor commended me for the incredible job. The only area of concern was the need for me to show the reader the implication of the points to the overall argument. The instructor also noted the importance of indicating how the points relate to one another. Overall, the positive feedback from the instructor indicates that I have become a better writer. It indicates that I have worked on improving my writing skills.
One of the documents that showcase my development as a writer is the activity assignment on page 10 of my e-portfolio. In the document, I describe my experience in a yoga class. I wrote the document to document my experience during the yoga sessions I attended. The document indicates my ability to describe events. I have managed to show the reader what took place during the yoga sessions. I learned in the yoga classes that one has to start with the easy poses then proceed to the more complex ones. This is the case in writing where one has to keep on improving his/her skills with time. Looking at this document is an indication of how I have progressed as a writer. The document contains minimal grammatical errors, which indicates that I have taken the feedback from the instructor seriously.
In the final draft of “The Psychological Makeup and Reasons why People become Serial Killers,” I have demonstrated my development as a writer. On page 1 of the document, I began with an introduction to the issue under examination. I demonstrated that crime is a problem affecting society and hence needs to be examined. I took a special interest in serial killers. I briefly indicated some of the reaso

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