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Muscipula Diaboli The Symbolism of the Merode Altarpiece (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


It is an article review for my art history class. This paper is to analyze an article and to describe what you agree with the author or what you do not agree with author base on the original piece. ( with the background ,and the history of the art piece). The ppt attachment is the what should be included in the review. The PDF attachment is the article


Art History
The article selected for review is ‘Muscipula Diaboli, the Symbolism of the Mйarode Altarpiece.' The article was written in 1945 by Meyer Schapiro. Schapiro was a teacher, an art historian, and a critic. He lived in New York. Between the 1940s and 1960, he delivered many lectures which were attended by the popular artists of that time. He contributed a lot to the modern art and acted as a close advisor of artists like Robert Motherwell and Willem de Kooning. Merode Altarpiece, popularly known as the Master of Flemalle, is a fifteenth century and Flemish oil painting that was painted by Robert Campin. The painting’s name was coined from the aristocratic Merode family, who lived in Belgium. Meyer Schapiro wrote the article ‘Muscipula Diaboli, the Symbolism of the Mйarode Altarpiece’ to explain the different elements of the artwork.
Thesis Statement
Symbolism is a unique tool that many artists use in their artworks. In the Mйarode Altarpiece, the artist used a lot of symbolism. The author has used symbolism to explain the artwork and to show the major themes as seen from the Merode Altarpiece. The paper gives the summary of the article and the supporting themes from the article.
Article Summary
The Merode altarpiece is small in size and only measures four feet by two feet. It was designed in to be used as a private devotional tool by people in their homes. It is constructed using the triptych format and has three hinged panels. The left side panel represents the donor together with his wife, while the central panel, which is also the most important panel on the art, shows the Annunciation and the two characters it associates with, Archangel Gabriel and Mary. Finally, the right panel represents Joseph is his wood workshop. The author notes that the triptych is undated and unsigned. In the early twentieth centur

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