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Amadeo Peralta's Fall (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

I even send the formats and the outline example to you the writer needs to read everything the outline examples the essays she graded A/A and just follow, I don't know how to be more clear ask writer to call me with paper and pen to take clear notes asap! Hello Write ATTENTION: You must take the essay order too... Please follow instructions by the letter. This prof. is very strict. I need an outline of this short story and an essay with just 4 paragraphs. She wants quality not quantity for that reason you must cover the format and create a one page essay with strong verbs. You must do both things outline and essay. I will place the order for the essay after this one. I am sending you the photos with name of the book and pages numbers of the short story. I am also adding all the instructions that she gave us to this order please be careful follow instructions and call me if you have any questions do not assume anything. Isabel Allende If You Touched My Heart..............short story Intro Thesis Sentence: The tesis sentence is at the end of introduction. Body Paragraph # 1 Prof. wants us to give 2 answers to question #1 what is the psoltery metaphor for? For example psoltery methaphor is for _____ and ______. subpoint #1 use the answer #1 _____________ expand: Talk about it with two good sentences. Quote: Prove your point with quote. SUBPOINT #2: use the answer #2 ________________ EXPAND with two very good sentences. QUOTE: PROVE YOUR POINT WITH it AND SO ON LIKE THE TEMPLATE. Body Paragraph #2 Topic Sentence: How does it change from the beginning to the story to the end? SAME THING Give two answers and follow the format. again is quality what she wants not quantity. Outline Template I Introduction Thesis Sentence: This must tell the reader what main points your essay will be addressing (one per body paragraph) and these points must appear in the same order in your thesis as they appear in the essay. II Body Paragraph #1 Topic Sentence: This must tell the reader what main point and subpoints will be addressed in this body paragraph. Subpoint # 1: Expand Example: Subpoint # 2: Expand Example: III Body Paragraph #2 Topic Sentence: This must tell the reader what main point and subpoints will be addressed in this body paragraph. Subpoint # 1: Expand Example: Subpoint # 2: Expand Example: V Conclusion CHECKLIST TO ENSURE YOUR ESSAY IS COMPLETE Intro 1) Does your introduction interest your reader? 2) Does it give the title and author of the story, poem, or play you are writing about? 3) Does your thesis sentence(s) provide the simple answers to the topic questions? Body Paragraphs 1) Does each body paragraph begin with a topic sentence that states the main point being addressed in that particular body paragraph as well as its subpoints? 2) Do your body paragraphs begin with subpoint #1, provide adequate expansion/articulation of the argument subpoint # 1 makes and then prove it with a direct quote from the story that directly correlates to your argument? 3) Do your body paragraphs then transition into your second subpoint, provide adequate expansion/articulation of the argument subpoint # 2 makes and then prove it with a direct quote from the story that directly correlates to your argument? Conclusion 1) Does your conclusion reiterate, but not directly restate, your thesis? 2) Does your conclusion draw your essay to a satisfactory close? The Process of Writing an Essay 1) PREWRITING Group related ideas together. brainstorming/ Evaluate groupings. freewriting Look for other relationships. Remember, you want one main point for each body paragraph, a main point that can be broken down into at least two subpoints. DEVELOPING Do additional prewriting, if necessary. THESIS Take all your main points and include them in your thesis sentence. STATEMENT SUPPORTING Supply relevant evidence for each subpoint. THESIS Provide, detailed, specific evidence – specific examples work best. SENTENCE Remember, you need at least one example or piece of supporting W/ EVIDENCE evidence for each subpoint. OUTLINE/GRAPHIC PRGANIZER 2) DRAFTING Introduction Body paragraphs Conclusion 3) REVISING Make sure you have a comprehensive introduction which ends with a thesis sentence that lists your main points in the same order they appear in the body of your essay. 4) EDITING Check for grammar and spelling errors. 5) PROOFREADING Check for typos. source..

Amadeo Falls
Amadeo Peralta’s Fall
In the short story, “If You Touched My Heart,” Isabel Allende tells of Amadeo Peralta and his power to manipulate situations to allow him to prosper in impunity. We sometimes experience incidences of people who are invincible because of their influence to the state leaders.
Thesis statement
Amadeo gets power but his insatiable desire for women destroys than it builds him.
Paragraph 1
Topic sentence: Peralta’s family way of life is threatened by corruption and bribery.
“The way of plunder had been replaced by corruption and bribery.” (Isabel 296). His father advises them to establish connections with influential families. “He also encourages sweethearts among the old line families...
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