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Discussion Board: Sexually Explicit Content (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1. Read about the current legal trend outlawing "revenge porn" in the US (and internationally). What types of torts does revenge porn encompass? What are the damages? What are the potential defenses? Do you believe states are taking the right steps, or are there other remedies that would work better? How could this affect you as an employee? business owner? customer?
2. Imagine you have just received word that an investor is willing to help you start a business. What type of business would you start? What would be your dream? What would be your role in the business? Tell your fellow classmates about what kind of entreneur you would be.
3. Many of us know people who have had credit troubles. Often, consumers complain about constant phone calls from debt collectors, sometimes to the point of harassment, and people will take sometimes extraordinary steps to avoid these collectors. Comment on an experience you or someone you know has had with debt collection. After reading about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, do you believe the limitations on debt collection are reasonable? Do you believe debt collectors follow these rules? How would you advise a friend who was having credit troubles now that you know a little about the law?
*Each of these questions should be answered as you are putting them on a discussion board and the answer of each question should be at least 150 words.


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Question 1. Revenge Porn
Revenge porn is a malicious exposure of sexually explicit content without the knowledge of the affected party, by a vengeful ex-lover. The explicit materials are shared within the confines of a previously intimate relationship. There are three categories of torts, which include; intentional torts, negligence and strict liability. Therefore revenge porn falls under intentional torts. Still, under the intentional torts, there are sub-categories including defamation, trespass, fraud, invasion of privacy, conversion, and assault. Invasion of privacy is the public exposure of private information, which revenge porn clearly defines it.
The victims regularly suffer irreversible, immediate and devastating harm. Statistics shows that even minor children of below 16 suffer from this outrageous acts. Apart from the material being shared online, it is also circulated through the social media, text messages, emails or even hard copies. The influence of the internet will magnify the reach, impact and prevalence and the damage running through such disclosures. It may also result in physical injuries leading to reputation damages, emotional and violations of the victim's privacy. Torts will result in false imprisonment, products liability, and copyright and auto accidents. Torts in a lawsuit are not termed as a crime. As a consequence of this, it makes it a defense because the damage may be due to negligence. Negligence does not result to criminal negligence. The US are on the right track in dealing with revenge porn. According to 2014 legislation, bills were introduced in many states, and only 27 are still undergoing the same process. The bills are geared towards curbing ...
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