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Two-day Food Diary: How To Accurately Record The Foods You Eat (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to understand how to accurately record the foods you eat.

Record everything you eat and drink for 2 days. Please follow your typical diet.  It is not necessary, or advised, for you to adjust your eating habits for this assignment. You will not be graded (or judged) based on your food choices.  It is very important that you RECORD EVERYTHING (except water) – every sip, nibble, taste, and snack. Provide as much detail as you possibly can about the foods and beverages you consume and make sure to include serving sizes for each food item you consume. It is recommended that you carry your food record with you and record foods and beverages as you eat them. Because very detailed information is needed, you are encouraged to record throughout the day so that no foods or descriptive details are excluded. You will use the template on the last page for this assignment.


Two-Day Food Diary 

Name Institutional Affiliation
Two-Day Food Diary Date & time Meal Food item and amount DAY ONE 8:30am
Breakfast Two scrambled eggsOne large peachOne cup of coffee with 2% milkOne piece of whole bread toast11.00 am snack Two small carrotsHalf of celery stalk1:30pm
Lunch four ounces of chicken breastA quarter cup of spinach steamed with pepperA quarter cup of strawberries slicedOne cup of brown rice 4:00pm pm snackOne ounce of salted roasted almondsHalf a cup of cinnamon yoghurt

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