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Nursing Research Assignment Paper: Clinical Vignette (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Read the attachment vignettes and answer the questions that follow. Please use information obtained from your assigned readings to assist you in answering the questions. You may also use information that you acquire during your own search for evidence based information.
You may confer with your classmates to discuss your answers and how you will strategize for an appropriate response. There will be a discussion thread related to the exercise. Please make sure that you participate in the discussion thread because participation will also be apart of te evaluation for this assignment.


Clinical Vignette
Clinical Vignette
As a public health practitioner in Argentina, the major concern raised by these two possible cases is that there could be an outbreak of botulism. Ideally, given that foodborne botulism could have occurred because the patients ingested contaminated food, this food could be still available for other members of the public. This means that these two cases of foodborne botulism could represent a public health emergency that could be classified as a larger outbreak. The other concern for Argentinian public health is to conduct an urgent search for the possible causes. Identifying and destroying the food

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