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Reading Reflection Education Research Paper Coursework (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


one-page typed reflection based on classroom lesson activities and assigned research articles. These reflections are a vital component of the classroom experience. Students will be required to analyze the pedagogical concepts of the instruction that they will be responsible for delivering as educators.


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Reading Reflection
Historians and analysts have come up with different interpretations of history and this has led to a debate about the correctness of the facts presented in some texts. The debate has been characterized by criticism of certain authors’ points of view, with the critics questioning the basis of the information presented by their subjects. This confusion has marred the modern learners as they do not know what information to trust. Thus, educators should establish appropriate instructional strategies that would facilitate critical and independent thinking among the learners.
Barton and Levstik, in their book Teaching History for the Common Good, evaluate the competing perspectives from educators, politicians, historians and the public about the role of history. The authors assess the competing debates about the role of history in light of the student’s historical thinking. The text confirms the fundamental differences in understanding the subject and how these differences are difficult to resolve. People read from the same script about the origin but formulate different interpretations of the same concept. The diverse explanations have resulted in debates about sources of the information and the accompanying facts. Critics explore historical sources more critically and raise valid questions about the modern beliefs surrounding history.
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