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Personal Statement About Entering Occupational Therapy Program (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I need your help to write is my Personal Statement, is about I want to enter the Occupational Therapy (Occupational Therapy). The school is SUNY Buffalo. Then my paper's instruction is as follows:
Please compose a brief 1000-1500 personal statement explaining / identifying:
Why you have selected occupational therapy as you intended profession
What personal attributes would make you a good therapist
You intended career goals as an occupational therapist
I hope you can write more close to my upload file, I will attach my resume. I hope you can also Occuaptional Therapy do some information to find, you can better understand. thank you all. If you have any questions, you can contact me.


Personal Statement about Entering Occupational Therapy Program
As a kid, I always admired people who showed interest in helping the needy in the society. When I grew up, I decided to seek opportunities to help me give back to my community. Since my childhood days, I had this fascination with the idea of becoming a vet to help animals especially those roaming the streets. I held a firm belief that there is joy and innate satisfaction in helping sentient creatures enjoy what the world has to offer. It was thus when the passion for leaving a mark albeit small on the world dawned on me. I sympathized with the animals that were euthanized to ‘clean' the streets and figured that if they were taken care of and attached to homes, then the world would become a better place. However, as I aged, I came to understand there were more pressing problems affecting the world. Many people have lost hope and in the words of Benjamin Franklin they ‘died in their twenties and got buried in their sixties.' I figured that I could be of great help if I could but relate to their problems albeit in a small way and ease their burdens in life. If only I could make another human breathe and live easily, then that would bring me joy and satisfaction. The world is cruel, and on a daily basis, people suffer and die at the hands of other people. The solutions, however, lie in people choosing to be there for each other and helping each other to win individualistic battles. No man is an island and becoming a pillar for another person and inspiring them to renew their strength to fight back is in itself a great calling.
Over the years, I have noted that I cannot be a jack of all trades and help people in all fields. However, after careful consideration, I settled on occupational therapy which I believe has a great impact on individuals, the economy, and the society. Occupational therapy helps to enrich the lives of individuals and to motivate them to live despite the circumstances that surround them. It has the ability to help people in diverse fields while focusing on issues that threaten their goals in life and seeks to bring the best out of people.
The reason I selected occupational therapy is to enable me to work with people with the aim of helping them better their lives while also inspiring them to give life their best shot. Occupational therapists evaluate patients' conditions and needs and develop a treatment plan while identifying goals and activities that would help the patients reach those goals. They also help people with disabilities and teach them to perform various tasks that ease and enrich their lives. Additionally, they evaluate a patient's home and workplace and suggest certain improvements based on their health needs. Their services also include the patients' families who are often taught how to accommodate and care for the patient. Occupational therapists also recommend special equipment and instruct patients on how to use them to become more independent. They continually evaluate their therapeutic procedures and adjust them to suit a patient's needs and ensure better care. The duties mentioned above of an occupational therapi

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