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Slee Sinfonietta School Music Concert Review Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is a concert review paper. I will provide a question sheet which might help you to write the paper. The detail will be in the attachment. The concert was took placed in Lippes Concert hall in our school. If you have any question email me.


Music Concert
Music Concert
Our school has different venues for different events. The choice of a venue is determined by the events therein. During music concerts, the school goes to the task of ascertaining the approximate size of the audience likely to be present, so as to choose the appropriate venue. For an average attendance, the Lippes Concert Hall is one of the best choices. Last year, the hall was refurbished. The school administration gives priority to art and music concerts. It has sound-proof fittings, qualities that most theaters should have to prevent resonance and reverberations. When I got into the hall, I noticed the relaxed atmosphere that was set ready for the concert. Everybody was eager for the show because this was going to be the very first time for most of them, to watch a live performance. The Slee Sinfonietta concert is usually organized on an annual basis, and features contemporary artists.
We had had the story from our music tutor that the concert was unique because of the attending artists. There were US performing artists, visiting artists, leading conductors and composers. Furthermore, since 1962, Novara has been a favorite for most art students and the society. Its soloists and orchestral sounds have attracted more listeners. The presence of conductors in the second song is interesting and captivating for the entire audience. Much of the audience was interested in watching how coordination of the instrumentals is done by the conductors as the performance develops. To the surprise of many, the hall was full forcing some to turn back after reaching the venue. I thought the organizers of the concert would choose a bigger venue, which would have prevented such a scenario. The only other spacious hall that could have been used as an alternative, was also hosting another event. We had to stay in and wait for the performers.
As time drew near, the artists who were to entertain the audience were introduced one by one. Surprisingly, they were all sitting in the public before the event began! One would wonder why they were not pr...
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