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Take Home Final - Political Economy of China (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please provide your full name, university ID, and your group no. with your answers.

Select to answer two questions from the four short questions given. Use no more than 250 words (excluding references) to answer each short question. Each short question carries 7 points.

Select to answer one question from the two long questions given. Use no more than 1,200 words (excluding references) to answer a long question. Each long question carries 26 points.

If you make some references in your answers, you are required to provide the sources.

Question One

Administrative rank represents a constituent part of China’s political economic system. Based on your understanding, briefly describe the function of administrative rank in the context of China’s development.

Question Two

Briefly discuss the concept “administrative subcontract” presented by group 4.

Question Three

Recently, in Chinese cities the Residence Permit (juzhuzheng, or 居住证) has been placed the Temporary Residence Permit (zanzhuzheng, or 暂住证) as an important reform of the hukou system. Please highlight several major differences between the Residence Permit and the Temporary Residence Permit in the context of citizenship.

Question Four

Danwei is an organized form for economic and social production. Based on your understanding, define the term danwei. What are major differences between a company and a danwei?


Take Home Final - Political Economy of China
Full Name
University ID
Group No
Take Home Final - Political Economy of China
Question three
In China, residence permits in the context of citizenship are classified into different categories. To start with, permanent residence permits that are usually in the form of small green booklets are provided to individuals how an ID visa have and they should be renewed after every ten years. Conversely, the validity of temporary residence permits is six to twelve months and they are usually issued to students and scholars who visit for a short period of time or individuals who are attending a job training ( Lastly, there is the foreign residence permit whose validity lasts for a single year and they should be renewed annually. Most of the foreigners who work in china are usually issued with these standard residence permits.
Evidence indicates that there are numerous differences between the residence permits and the temporary residence permits. The first one is the time period, where the residence permit lasts for up to ten years while the temporary permit has to be renewed annually. Furthermore, a residence permit must be applied within a month after arriving in China while the temporary permit must be renewed after 24 hours. Physical examination is a must for all individuals applying for these permits and these examinations are conducted in a health care organization ( All passports as well as residence permits can be changed when an individual wants to extend his stay in China. However, this is done after presenting the required documents.
Question four
In China, the term danwei, also known as a “work unit”, are special type of organizations that are managed under the planned economy. Members of these organizations directly depend on their danwei since they are connected to the structures of the Chinese government. Evidence indicates that social stratification plays an instrumental role in determining how urban workers in organizations implement their duties in China (Xie, Lai & Wu 283). This is because China is a planned economy where enterprises are managed by the society (danwei ban shehui) and it offers a wide range services to the public.
The difference between a company and a danwei is that a company is often motivated by generating profits while a danwei system is a social economic system that focuses on fulfilling the needs of the society. Basically, companies operate in a capitalist system where there is intensive competition while danwei focuses on socialism that benefits the structures of the society. In China, danwei is regarded as a fundamental structure that is influenced by the culture of the society and it influences the social, political, and economic lives of the Chinese people (Xie, Lai & Wu 283). Unlike companies which focus on making profits, the most important factor for danwei is enhancing the socioeconomic wellbeing of workers, both in terms of their benefits and earnings.
Question six
Three important development patterns that are indicated in the table include the change in urban and rural population, increase in the production capacity of the economy, and the changes in the national consumption level. According to the figures presented in Table 2, it is evident that China economy has managed to increase steadily in terms of its population, gross domestic product (GDP), and gross national product (GNP). For instance, 17.92% of the population used to live in urban areas in 1978, but it increased to 56% in 2015, an indication that most individuals have migrated to urban areas to seek for employment opportunities. Furthermore, the indices of production such as GDP were 116 in 1980, while this f...

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