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Interview with an Elderly Person (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Write a summary of the interview, describing the insights gained into the elderly person’s life 
and outline what he/she learned about the person’s experiences. Finally, describe how the 
person’s life and the periods of history compare and differ from those of the interviewer.
Here is the information from the interview that was conducted. 
1. Background: I was born 06/26/1963 in Indio California. My parents are Jim Robinson was a truck driver, Anita Robinson was a housewife, and I have one sister Dee Dee Robinson Lynch. I lived for 21 years in Indio California and I had an amazing childhood with so many wonderful memories. My fondest memory is growing up with with my church family and going on vacations together. We would go to the beach and water skiing every summer as a family including our church family whom were just family to me.
2. Education: I graduated in 1982 from Indio High School and went to Lubbock Christian Collage which is now a University. I was able to attend this school for 2 years. It was a small school and the teachers and facility were amazing and took care of all of us. Great school experience. My favorite subject was History. 
3. Teen Years: I had the best growing up years anyone could ask for. My parents were involved in my life and my school, church and any activity I was involved in. I was a cheerleader in school so I was very involved in activities. I said earlier that we did everything with our church family and I could not have had a better growing up experience. I was involved in youth activities and my family would be there every step of the way. I did date some in high school but only two guys who were great guys and I learned a lot from those relationships. I date three guys in college before I met my husband. I left school in May of 1984 and came home where I met my now husband Sam. We starting dating in May got engaged in July and married in December all of 1984.
4. Work: I started work first as a babysitter for friend of our family. My first paid job where I had to interview and sign all the paper work was May 7,1984 as a preschool teacher. I have worked retail some when my children were little. I was blessed to be able to stay home with my children when they were little more than work. I started working more in the school system as a aide with special needs children and loved that job. When we moved to Texas in 2009 I worked as an Para then on a school bus before being hired at the job I am at now.
5. Influences: I can remember a lot of different things that had an effect on where I grew up in California but I don't know how much it effected areas outside of our state. Charles Manson and his followers were killing, Watts in Los Angeles, Hells Angels that were riding all over the free ways. I can remember watching President Nixon get on the plane and wave as he was no longer the president of the United States and then watching them swear in Gerald Ford I will never forget January 28,1985 watching the challenger take off with the 1st non astronaut on board and they it blow up in front of the cameras. Shock is what I can say I felt. The one event that has change my life more is the one that happened 14 years ago this coming September 11. That day i will never forget where I was and what I was doing as I watch the second plane go into the towers.
The person that was interviewed states the one thing that she learned is that she could remember all the most important things that had happened in her life.

Interview with an Elderly Person
The person I interviewed was born on 26th June in 1963. She lived in Indio California with his parents and his only sister for over twenty-one years. One of her fondest memories is the frequent vacations; the whole family loved going to the beach including her church members. She had great school experience from high school through college because these institutions had amazing facilities; her favorite subject in school was history. As a teenager, she can vividly remember how she managed to navigate the difficult stage smoothly because of the active involvement of both parents. Being a cheerleader and participating actively in church activities, her parents were involved in every step of her teenage. This did not prevent her from dating; after dating two people she met her future husband after finishing college...
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