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Malcolm X By Spike Lee - The Movie (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please answer the 11 questions in the picture according to the content of the film. Write as detailed as possible. Answer one or two sentence in each questions.


Malcolm X The Movie
Institution Affiliation
1.Malcolm and Shorty believe they were sent to prison for hard labour because inmates especially black inmates at that time were subjected to physical chores and hard labour in the correctional facilities.
2. Both Malcolm X father and the Nation of Islam supported the idea of Black Nationalism and identified with Marcus Garvey.
3. Great deeds of a person outweigh their weaknesses.
Elijah Mohammed-he flirted with politics and had power struggle issues where he always wanted to be on the lead and hated competition.
Malcolm X-he alienated and preached hate against white people calling them devils. He also alienated black people who preached non-violence.
Martin Luther-He wasn’t as aggressive in propagating welfares of the black people and was seen as being slow in his approach.
4. Baines is saying we must submit ourselves to God, something which may be hard. But this submission will lead to us serving fellow humans with excellence.
5. Nation of Islam respected their women and did not let their women toil and work hard to provide for their families as the man was the head, and main provider to take care of their

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