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Letter to President Obama Expressing Your Concern about Climate (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


In addition to the attachment, make sure that Communicating of Persuade letter follows this four points A . Open with an attention getting statement I. Move from attention to interest (in concrete and abstract form) D. Develop the arguments that turns interest to desire A. Stimulus to the desired action. ................................................. Would you please proofread after you done. Thank you for your time!

Write a one-page letter to President Obama expressing your concern about climate change and the limited success his administration has had in leading the country and the world onto the lower emissions path all but universally recommended by the world’s scientists.   Tell him what steps you think he should take to try to break the logjam in Congress, and how to deal with the push-back he is likely to encounter.  For supporting evidence, you can draw on the facts listed above, as well as your own knowledge of the global sustainability issue.  Remember the foundational planks of our study this term: 1) we’re all entitled to our own opinion, but we’re not entitled to our own facts; 2) “a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with knowledge and the power that knowledge gives, for a popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy” (James Madison). 

Imagine that what you write will actually be read by the President: this is your chance to make history.  Be coherent, be concrete, be succinct: the President is a busy man.  He doesn’t have time for long-windedness.


Student Name:
Topic: Letter to President Obama Expressing Your Concern about Climate
Date: 13 May, 2014
Letter to President Obama Expressing Your Concern about Climate
President Barrack H. Obama
The White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWashington, DC 20500
13 May, 2014
Dear Mr. President
Thank you for strong and always eloquent concern for climate change and the need to take some stringent actions to address not only America’s but also the global need for climate change. In speeches you have given in the past, you have always highlighted the importance of moving towards clean energy and the benefits that such energy would have on the scary rate at which climate change is occurring.
However, I am writing this letter with much sadness and concern due to the numerous amounts of statistics and projections that your government seems to express little concern. For example, from 2007 to 2013 over five international organizations have highlighted the worsening trend of climate change and emphasized the urgency to adopt measures to deal with the climate change.
Journals, articles, and reports by environmentalists and experts in climate change such as the Nature Journal (2012) by Anthony Barnosky, The World Bank (2012), and International Program on the State of the Ocean (2013). In addition, most recently The National Climate Assessment (May 6, 2014) have identified the causes of climate change. They have also made it public knowledge of the steps required to address climate change.
Therefore, it is distressing to see the extent of laxity from your government especially congress in addressing climate change, for example, the rejection of the Waxman-Markey carbon regulation bill. This move is in the public domain and depicts a negative picture to especially you as the president as it appears that you do not have control over government in even addressing such a crucial matter.
You are t...
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