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Note-taking Exercise Assignment Literature & Language Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Note-taking Exercise
Task: Submit to complete this assignment
Due July 22 at 11:59 PM
Use an article that you will incorporate into your Cause and Effect (Causal Analysis ) essay
Create your Word Document for this lesson (Include a complete 4 line MLA heading).
Closely read the article.
On your Word document, create a chart with two (2) columns. The chart should look like the Annotating Chart on the Note-Taking/Charting/Annotating Handout so that you can copy text to it and annotate that text.
Directions for creating a table (chart) in Microsoft Word:
Go to the INSERT tab and then to TABLE.
Then, choose the number of rows and columns for your table.
Once your table is created, if you have too many rows, or too many columns, you can adjust your table by clicking on any row or column of cells in your table, right clicking with your mouse, and choosing DELETE CELLS to delete rows or columns.
You may add columns and rows by clicking on the plus sign in the circle that appears when you put the cursor on the last line of the last column or on any line of the rows. The rows will expand downward as you type your sentences in each cell.

Copy and paste the first 2 – 3 paragraphs of the article you are using into the first column of the chart.
6. Use the highlighting option in Word and mark the ideas in column one that you believe are very important to understanding the entire article.
7. Make notes in the right hand column of questions you have while you are reading (you must create these).
ideas about what you think the author means.
ideas you agree or disagree with.
8. Imagine that you can have a conversation with the author. Write what would you tell him/her about the article?
9. Write two open-ended questions that you have about this topic and/or lesson. Open-ended questions are those that would lead to discussion of the question idea. They are NOT questions that could have only “yes” or “no” as their answer.


Causal Analysis
The following is the annotation table from the article.


Let’s be honest, it’s very easy to switch over from dutifully writing lecture notes to scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. (I’m guilty of it, too.) Having access to the internet is both a blessing and a curse, but during class time, it’s more of the latter. Laptops offer temptations that will detract from the learning, not just for you but for people around you. If a person sitting one row in front of you switches tabs over to Buzzfeed or something odds are your eyes will go straight to it, even if only for a moment

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