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Let Kids Be Kids - Practice Activity/Final Exam Review Language Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Create a Word a complete MLA heading that answers the following questions which are based on the article, “Simple Advice: Let Kids be Kids.” Number your answers. Write your answers in full sentences and use as much detail as you can in your answers.
What is the main idea, or the argument, of the whole selection, “Simple Advice: Let Kids be Kids” above? Summarize this main idea in your own words.
What support does the author use to support this main point? Give two
Simple advice: Let kids be kids
Playtime helps children become creative thinkers, problem solvers, a new study says
Associated Press
1. CHICAGO - Here's some soothing medicine for stressed-out parents and overscheduled kids: The American Academy of Pediatrics says what children really need for healthy development is more good, old-fashioned playtime.
2. Many parents load their children's schedules with get-smart videos, enrichment activities and lots of classes in a drive to help them excel. The efforts often begin as early as infancy.
3. Spontaneous, free play — whether it's chasing butterflies, playing with "true toys" like blocks and dolls, or just romping on the floor with mom and dad — often is sacrificed in the shuffle, a new academy report says.
4. Jennifer Gervasio has a 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter involved in preschool three mornings weekly, plus T-ball and ballet for each one day a week.
5. That's a light schedule compared to her kids' friends, and Gervasio said her son in particular has trouble finding buddies who are free to come over and just play.
6. "There's just such a huge variety of things you can do for your kids if you have the resources, you almost feel why not," said Gervasio, of Wilmette, Ill. "There is a part of me that would worry if I don't sign my son up for some of these things, will he not be on par with the other kids."
'Simple joy'
7. For now, she says, she resists the pressure, instead allowing her kids plenty of time for looking for bugs, romping at the beach and other play activities they love to do.
8. "I truly believe that they're better off when they can just do their own thing," Gervasio said.
9. Numerous studies have shown that unstructured play has many benefits. It can help children become creative, discover their own passions, develop problem-solving skills and relate to others, the academy report says.
10. "Perhaps above all, play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood," says the report, prepared by two academy committees for release today at the group's annual meeting in Atlanta.
11. A lack of spontaneous playtime can create stress for children and parents alike.
12. If it occurs because young children are plopped in front of get-smart videos or older children lose school recess time, it can increase risks for obesity. It may even contribute to depression for many children, the report says.
Report praised
13. Social pressures and marketing pitches about creating "super children" contribute to a lack of playtime for many families.
14. But so does living in low-income, violence-prone neighborhoods where safe places to play are scarce, the report says.
15. It says enrichment tools and organized activities can be beneficial but should not be viewed as a requirement for creating successful children. Above all, they must be balanced with plenty of free play time, the report says.
16. "In the current environment where so many parents feel pressure to be super parents, I believe this message is an important one," said Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, the report's lead author and a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
17. Noted pediatrician and author Dr. T. Berry Brazelton praised the academy's report.
18. "I hope it will have some effect," Brazelton said.
19. Children overscheduled with structured activities "are missing the chance they have to dream, to fantasize, to make their own world work the way they want it. That to me is a very important part of childhood," Brazelton said.
examples of details that support the main point of this article. Notice that since this is a news article, supporting details come mostly from other people and sources rather than the author herself. Make it clear where the author gets each supporting detail you mention in your answer.
What does the report from the American Academy of Pediatrics say are problems associated with kids being “overscheduled”? Name and explain all the potential problems you can find in this article. (If you use portions of text word for word, make sure to quote.)
What does the report claim are the positive effects of free play? Name and explain all the benefits you can find in this article. (Quote if you use portions of text word for word.)
Identify the tone of this article. How does the tone affect you as a reader? How does the tone support the author’s purpose in writing this article? That is, identify the purpose of this piece of writing and think about how the tone adds to this purpose.
What is the overall organizational pattern of this article? What makes you think this?
In the first section (paragraphs 1-6), the author uses the experience of a specific parent. What does this example help you understand as a reader? Why would the author decide to use a specific parent in her article?
What was your experience as a child? Did you have free playtime or a specific schedule or a combination of both? What parts of your childhood experience were most beneficial to you?
What is your opinion about the argument presented in this article? Do you agree or disagree? Are there certain circumstances or situations where you might have a different opinion? Use any of your personal experiences to help you explain why you think the way you do. That is, support your answer.
Based on what you’ve learned in this article, what might you consider with your own children (either now or if you have children in the future)?


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Let Kids be Kids
1. What is the main idea, or the argument, of the whole selection, “Simple Advice: Let Kids be Kids” above? Summarize this main idea in your own words.
The major point of the article is that kids should have more free time for playing. The article encourages good old fashioned playtime to promote healthy development in kids. This playtime includes such activities as playing with toys or dolls. This is contrast with the tendency to overscheduled kids that leave little time for playing. Many parents today load children with things such as classes and get-smart videos that focus on helping kids to excel in school. This creates a heavy schedule for kids and reduces the time spent playing. The author gives examples of parents who say their kids have trouble finding peers who have sufficient playtime. It illustrates how many parents today are overscheduling their kids. This trend is common because some parents think that if children are given more playing time, then their development will lag behind other children. As a result, many parents give in to this pressure and create full schedules for their children in a bid to accelerate their development. However, this is contrary to plenty of studies that support unstructured play. The studies point out the benefits of unstructured play to children such as fostering creativity, boosting social interactions, and improving problem-solving skills(Tanner). So, unstructured playtime is a crucial part of childhood, and more parents should embrace it.

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