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Journal response Literature & Language Research Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Response journal: Entries 1 through 5
Basic requirements for each journal entry:
Each entry needs to have a title.
All paragraphs need to have clear topic sentences.
The entries should be double spaced.
The total for each journal entry should be approximately 200 words.
In-text documentation is needed for any direct quote used.
A works cited entry should be placed at the end of the response. Use the format for an online source for the entry on the works cited.
Submit the journal entries (entries 1 to 5) as ONE file. If you send five separate files, only the first one will be graded.
Entry 1: Read the article “Advice for New Students Fromm Those Who Know (Older Students)” https://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2015/08/02/education/edlife/advice-for-new-students-from-those-who-know-old-students.html
Who is the author’s target audience and what in the work indicates this audience? Give specific examples to support your answers. What advice did you find to be helpful and why?
Entry 2: Read the article “The iGen Shift: Colleges Are Changing to Reach the Next Generation” https://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2018/08/02/education/learning/generationz-igen-students-colleges.html
"A generation that rarely reads books or emails, breathes through social media, feels isolated and stressed but is crazy driven and wants to solve the world’s problems (not just volunteer) is now on campus."
Is the New York Times right that today’s college students don’t read books? Consider the author’s purpose and discuss whether you agree with this statement and the information presented in the article. Use at least one direct quote from the article in your journal entry.
Entry 3: Check out this website: https://www(dot)isidewith(dot)com/polls/social
Discuss one controversial issue that you believe has the greatest impact on society today. Include at least one source to support your ideas.
Entry 4: For this entry, you will need to select one of the following websites:
Los Angeles Times http://www(dot)latimes(dot)com/opinion/editorials/
Minneapolis Star Tribune http://www(dot)startribune(dot)com/opinion/editorials/
Write a short paragraph that provides a brief summary of an article from the website you selected. Include the title of the article and the author in the summary. Next, you will write a paragraph in which you examine and discuss the author’s thesis or main point. Is it clear? Does the article adequately develop this main point? Explain.
Entry 5: Read the article “Social Media is Changing How College Students Deal With Mental Health, For Better or Worse” https://www(dot)huffpost(dot)com/entry/social-media-college-mental-health_n_55ae6649e4b08f57d5d28845
Discuss the author’s use of evidence in the article. Do you agree with the author? Explain.
Response Journal entries 1 - 5Response Journal entries 1 - 5


Subject and section
Professor’s name
Date of submission
Journal Entries
Entry 1: Advice for New Students From Those Who Know (Older Students)
In this article, the author tries to address students, specifically, those who have just started going to school. The pieces of advice to overcome fear and on how to accomplish the educational years with ease came from adults who have gone through the same situation as students CITATION The15 \l 13321 (The New York Times).
The following statements signify that the target audience is incoming students or new students: 1) You are now part of a conversation that would be lacking without your voice; 2) I have a few pieces of advice that helped me two years ago when I started school; 3) Most students arriving at orientation have just left everyone they know behind; and 4) The fact that nobody knew me meant nobody would judge, which, upon reflection, was what I was scared of the most CITATION The15 \l 13321 (The New York Times) These statements show that the speakers are talking to someone younger than them and to those who do not have the experience.
The best advice from the testimonies was to stop expecting the administration to truly care for its students. From my personal experience, administrators tend to protect their reputation more than the welfare of their students. Hence, it is best to place one’s trust in peers rather than the administration.
Work Cited

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