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Infinite Possibilities: Analyze Ethos In The Commercial (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


It is a group project, and we all have job description, we are using google slides.
This is the professor's instruction.
In the Media Project, you should use 4 sources in addition to the commercial.
Check the following suggested list:
2 scholarly sources to support the rhetorical analysis
1 web source to analyze the director and creator of the ad
1 web source to provide support for the rhetorical analysis and/or the commercial
Mine is to get 1 scholarly source to support the rhetorical analysis (ETHOS) I need just only one slide.
I will send the link to the commercial here so you can get a better source to back it up.
Here is the link (Nike-Dream Further)
According to the professor, "the sources should support your analysis, not the topic of the topic of the commercial.
Yeah, you will also need a Scholarly resource to support your analysis
Not too much stuff, it's just to analyze the ethos in the commercial


Student Name
Professor Name
Analyze Ethos in the Commercial
Ethos can be regarded as an appeal to character and ethics. In other words, we can say that it is all about creating an impressive visual message in order to make the target audience trust something important (Falaschi 79). Nike - Dream Further is an excellent commercial in which trustworthiness and credibility are present from the start till its end.
It’s safe to say that Nike as a brand has always inspired enthusiasm and energy. The company knows how to urge its customers to work hard to fulfill their dreams while encouraging them to buy its products or goods. This particular commercial contains the same message. Some female players can be found struggling during the game, but in the end, success knocks their door and they not only achieve wha

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