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College Is A Waste Of Time And Money By Caroline Bird (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Write an argumentative essay against the essay College Is a Waste of Time and Money by Caroline Bird. One source needs to be from College Is a Waste of Time and the second source needs to be an academic source. Identify the claim in the argument chosen.


College Is a Waste of Time and Money by Caroline Bird
According to Caroline Bird, college education is a waste time and money as well intellectual abilities (Bird). She finds fault in the education system, relative to the fact that, much of what people learn in class is rarely applied in their career. She is also quick to mention that, as more colleges come up and higher numbers of college students get in class, there dwindling chances of securing a job in a market that is highly flawed. This is a paper that was written in the year 1975, and around that time a lot has changed. It is rather well researched and presented with some basic facts that are actually true, however, it does not represent the whole truth about children getting educated. Education for the young generation is a crucial part of their growth and one that benefits them than it harms them (Dewsbury).
One of the argument that Bird brings up is that, children are sent to school in a manner that suggests that no one wants anything to do with them (Bird). It is as if their parents want them out of their homes and the best place where the children can be placed in school. While this may have some element of truth in it, there is twist. Parents are busy building their careers and providing for the families and as such most of the time they are out of the house. There is benefit whatsoever in leaving their child back at home. They will not be gaining in any way as the much that they can do is complete house chores and utmost watch television all day. This is what basically happens when a teenager is left in the house all by their own. The parents will go to work and in some of the cases the child will not even have left the couch and go outside. Taking them to school is a sacrifice the parents make, and in good faith. In school, the child is not only learning they are also socializing. This is an institution, but it is also an environment that represents all the social elements of interactions. Here the child is not only taking classes in calculus, they are also learning how to solve social problems, interact with people, form bonds with their colleagues and more importantly for some, take part in sports and other social activities such as volunteering in their community. These are better things than binge watching their favorite television show.
Bird also argues that, for all the money that the parents spend on their children, this is the worst investment option (Bird). This is a rather skewed approach and is based on a biased analysis. Ideally, whenever reviews the cost of education, it is true that there is a steep expenditure that comes with it. Compared to when the paper was researched and written

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