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Improve Population And Economic Problems In China (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


this is a extra work...its really easy...
same sources from last order...
just follow the "note making methods" to do a note...
suppose you have not done this essay, make note and write down the sentences or information you think will help for essay...
don't need write any other review, just need you copy part of the sources' content...
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Source A:
"(the sentence in source A which you think will help you essay writing)"
Source B:
I don't know where you found those sources so I only can ask you to do that...


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Chinese One-Child Policy
The Chinese one-child policy was implemented towards helping improve population and economic problems in China. This policy was to minimize the number of kids couples can have. This policy has therefore changed the lives of many people in China. However, in the essay regarding the Chinese one-child policy, I will discuss the development of the one-child policy in China. This will include which strategies the Chinese government used to ensure this policy was followed and also discuss the purpose of this policy to the Chinese population. Then I will shed light on the response of the public regarding the one-child policy and state their views about the severe restriction on the people's freedom to choose the size of the family they wish to have (Goodstadt 44). The Chinese one-child policy brought some negative and positive effects to the population, therefore, the essay will explore the impacts brought by this policy to the Chinese population which includes sex ratio imbalance, child underreporting and infertility (Goodkind 298).
Recently, there have been debates regarding the Chinese policy and the arguments are that some people want the policy abolishe

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