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Cause/effect discussion. Literature & Language Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Linda Hasselstron “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun” https://rws200wiki(dot)pbworks(dot)com/w/file/fetch/93769616/HasselstromA%20Peaceful%20Woman.pdf
Carefully read the essay. Take time to highlight and annotate the important ideas as you read. Next, post an original comment of at least one paragraph that explains how the author presents the subject. How is the causal analysis organized? What has the author done to grasp and hold the reader's attention? What details are helpful in developing the cause and effect relationship? Include specific examples from the reading in your original post.
Next, read at least ten other postings and reply to at least three by the due date. All replies must be respectful in nature (language, tone, etc).


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Analysis of Hasselstrom’s “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun”
Hasselstron explained the motive of a gun in a woman’s hands. Using an ascetic tone to catch the attention of the readers, Hasselstrom discloses her story to empower women. Here, she states that a gun is a powerful object that shifts the power from the offender to the gun-user and its purpose is not merely for shooting people.

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