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Behavioral analysis Literature & Language Essay Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Step One: Select the Readings
Throughout the semester, you’ll need to get into the habit of making yourself familiar with what’s happening in
our society “in real time” (either locally, nationally, or internationally). The easiest way to accomplish this is to
set aside some time each day or week to read (or at least skim) a reputable news source. For purposes of the
class, the goal is to select specific news articles that are both relevant to sociology (which as we’ll see, covers a
wide range of topics) and of interest to you. As you’re surveying the news, make a note of any articles you come
across that are relevant and of interest. To do so, I suggest the following news sources: New York Times,
Washington Post, The Guardian, Vox, or The Atlantic. As a general rule, these are all outlets that provide indepth
coverage of a wide range of local, nation, and international news, and as such, are well-suited to this
assignment. However, you’re not limited to these sources. As long as the source is reputable (i.e., likely to be
accurate and truthful, even if not entirely in alignment with your particular political perspective), you’re free to
choose any source you’d like. If you have any questions about sources, make sure to ask. And while there are
no “right” or “wrong” articles, in order to keep our analysis timely and relevant, students are required to select
articles published after January 1st, 2020. Then, on the specified due date, select two articles, and in order of
preference, for each article identify the following: A). The exact title and author for each of the article. B). The
specific pattern of behavior each article describes. C). At least one concept or theory you intend (at least
tentatively) to use in your analysis. After we’ve had a chance to review your submissions, you’ll select one of
the two articles. This one article will then serve as the basis of your analysis paper. Note: Failure to submit the
two article descriptions on the specified due date will result in a 10-point deduction.
Step Two: Write the Paper
The paper itself consists of three sections—Summary, Definition of Concept, and Connection. The instructions
for each section are detailed below:
1. Summary/Abstract
In order to provide the necessary background and context, write a summary, or abstract of the issue, making
sure to identify the author of the article, the title, and the specific pattern of behavior you intend to analyze.
The summary must be in the student's own words (i.e., no quotations from the reading).
2. Choose and Define One Relevant Sociological Concept or Theory
Drawing from the assigned reading, clearly identify one concept or theory relevant to the pattern of behavior
you have identified in the reading. Note: For the First Analysis, concepts or theories must be drawn from any of
the assigned chapters from either Part One or Part Two of the Course Outline. For the Second Analysis, concepts
or theories must be drawn from any of the assigned chapters from either Part Three or Part Four of the Course
Outline. While there is no “right” or “wrong” concept or theory, in selecting a specific concept or theory, first
be sure the content of the article will adequately demonstrate the relevance of the specific concept or theory
you’ve chosen. Then, once you’ve chosen the most applicable concept or theory, formulate a “college-level”
definition, making sure to incorporate relevant material (in the form of direct quotations) taken from either the
course textbook (i.e., Henslin), or any other relevant assigned reading. As a general rule, a sufficient definition
is one that a person with no familiarity of the concept or theory would, after reading your definition, have a
basic working understanding of what the concept or theory means. It should demonstrate that you understand
what the concept or theory actually means.
3. Explain the Connection
Explain the connection between the concept or theory and the issue you’ve identified in the article. Your
objective here is to show exactly how relevant information—including at least one quoted example or passage—
taken from the reading is logically related to your chosen sociological concept or theory. Bear in mind that the
material quoted from the article constitutes your “evidence” that there is a plausible, logical connection
between the concept or theory and the specific issue you’ve identified. Here, your primary task is to
demonstrate how the concept or theory either deepens our understanding, or helps explain, the specific
behavior described in the article. Remember, too, the connection should never be thought to be obvious or selfevident.
To establish a logical connection will always require detailed explanation. Note: Be careful here not to
simply re-summarize the article. Remember, your only objective is to cite one relevant quoted example from
the article, and explain how specific information in that quoted example logically illustrates, or is logically
connected to, the concept or theory.
Essays must be type-written, single-sided, double-spaced, using standard font, and one-inch margins. Following
standard MLA guidelines, text and article quotations must be cited by source and/or author. Page numbers
(where available) should also be indicated. A separate “Works Cited” page is required. One helpful formatting
resource is EasyBib: http://www(dot)easybib(dot)com/. For more specific questions about MLA formatting, Purdue
University has published a very useful online MLA reference guide. (the link is posted to Blackboard). Essays
must also be written so that the THREE parts are separated by by subheadings (i.e., Summary, Definition of
Concept/Theory, Connection).


Author’s Name
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Behavioral Analysis
Behavioral analysis is one of the essential subjects since it gives us a better understanding of human nature and individual’s behaviors. Behavioral analysts and other specialists study how different factors, including experimental, biological, and pharmacological factors, influence human behavior. In the wake of the spreading Coronavirus disease, there has been worldwide fearing that the condition may become a catastrophe and wipe out a considerable percentage of the world’s population. Since it originates from China, some countries have closed their borders and ports to stop people China from entering their countries and possibly bringing the deadly disease. From a sociological perspective, there are concerns over the victimization of Chinese citizens because the Coronavirus originated from Chinese. The article ‘Sensationalist media is exacerbating racist coronavirus fears’ by Jing Zeng is a comprehensive article that can get used in analyzing social imagination behavior patterns about the Coronavirus disease.

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