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Understanding And Analyzing Filmic Adaptations: The Godfather (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is another assignment. You can analyze the sources you modified in the last order according to the above requirements. The professor wants us to know more about our sources.
I will pay the attachment for this assignment and the books attached to the assignment to be attached to the attachment.
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Understanding and analyzing filmic and televisual adaptations: The Godfather

Building on Sources

I am in a consensus with most of the authors who have reviewed The Godfather novels and films, which are compelling artworks that offer insights in different contexts of culture, religion, politics, and economics. I feel that the diversity of the themes in the text and film increases its complexity, but at the same time artistically presents an educative and entertaining product. I agree with insights from Cartmell that there are various approaches employed by film writers when adapting a story from a novel. These concepts are evident in The Godfather, in the sense that there are different considerations made to develop the images from the text descriptions. Notably, the statements made by Puzo in the novel are not spoken a word-for-word in the film. Subsequently, I also agree with Cartmell that the novels sometime act as the ideological frameworks for films, which gives the film writers the independence of changing dialogue and other aspects. The fact that Puzo was part of the team developing the script for The Godfather film hints that there were little changes made in the dialogue structure.

In the in-depth analysis of The Godfather in the cultural and social contexts, literature review presents several points of consideration. Parikh’s work is centered on addressing the entrepreneurial and social impact it has on family business based on the situations presented in by The Godfather. I agree with Parikh that the film is a substantial source of knowledge to understand how the cultural aspects embedded in the family settings influence how people engage with the community and the government. However, I argue that self-development and leadership is a limited theme that should be addressed objectively because

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