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Alexis Waters: Childhood And A 6 Year Battle With Ewing Sarcoma (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Pls make the first paragraph very sad and about her final few breaths at the hospital. (start it with this: It was a warm September eve. You could feel the fresh crisp air from dusk till dawn, you could hear the birds chirping beyond the horizon, but when it came to the heart beats from 17 year old Alexis Waters, lets just say the angels took that away. You couldn't see it, you couldn't see those up and down squiggly lines on the ventilator, it was all too late. ) then proceed to talk about her childhood. living with her single mother paula. finding out she had cancer at the age of 11 and combating it with strength, decided to write a letter to the world in her final days living (i have the letter written u can just leave space for that) then finish the story with moments before the beginning of the story happened. like her final words to her mom or something.


Alexis Waters
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DATE \@ "MMMM d, y"March 10, 2018
Alexis Waters
There was an almost deafening silence on the eve of Alexis Waters' last few breaths in the hospital. The warm September wind blew ever so gently through the slightly opened windows, touching her feverish head as she lay motionless on her narrow hospital bed. Distant sounds of chirping birds could be heard from the horizon. Yes, all was quiet except for the last few beats of her heart. How did she get here… so cruel that the seventeen year-old should be on her deathbed. They stole her dreams and hopes away. Yet, somewhere inside, she reached for them as the ventilator's lines squiggled up and down… until there was none. The angels. They took her away. But there was a moment, right before she closed her eyes when she saw her whole life play in a sweet sequence before a tear fell silently down her right cheek.
There, she saw the young Alexis. So small… so fragile. It was her first memory of herself and her mother. “More! Make some more!” The little toddler told her mother as she blew more bubbles in the air. Little Alexis chased after them, jumping and trying to catch them in her hands and not a care in the world. Little did she know that in a few years, she would learn of her dismal fate. She had no one else in the world except for her sweet mother, Paula. They were each other's whole world. And together, they can conquer anything… That is until that fateful day when they learned of her illness.
She came home from school, feeling the symptoms she had been complaining about for a while now. Her mother, concerned, told her they should see the doctor just to make sure it was nothing. But oh, it was nothing alright. Nothing that they could have ever imagined. Ewig Sarcome, it was called. They h

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