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Reflection: Multi-Faceted Social Identity (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Think a bit about your own multi-faceted SOCIAL identity.
1}. What is one specific example of how communication has played a role in shaping, reinforcing, and/or challenging some part of your social identity?
2). What about your example involves communication?
3). How did communication function to shape, reinforce, and/or challenge part of your identity.
4) Reference explicitly one of the readings on identity.
1. Did you provide an appropriate and specific example of your social identity?
2. Did you clearly explain how communication played a part in shaping, reinforcing, and/or challenging some part of your social identity?
3. Did you clearly explain the communication aspect of your example?
4. Did you explicitly reference one of the readings?


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A specific example of my social identity is the fact that I am an international student who lives in the United States and I have been able to interact with numerous students from different cultural backgrounds. Communication has played an instrumental role in shaping the way I interact with other students, especially when it comes to respecting and appreciating the views of people who come from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, most international students have often been regarded as having different personalities. For instance, Jeannie Suk Gersen says that Asian-Americans have of been regarded as “different” and for them to be admitted to institutions such as Harvard, they must possess higher standards compared to their White counterparts (Gersen). From a personal perspective, I believe that communications has played an instrumental role in appreciating students from diverse cultural backgrounds.
As an international student living in the U.S., communication has played an instrumental role in enabling me to interact and socialize with other students, particularly when it comes to understanding their culture. Communication has not only enabled me to understand other people's personality, but it has also provided me with an opportunity of communicating my of cultural background to my colleagues. It is through communication that I have to understand that despite the personality of an individual, all students are endowed with different kinds of strengths and weaknesses (Donsbach 438). Vinson Cunningham gives an example of how ‘Black' English has been improved over the years to be used in colleges (Cunningham). In the area of communication and media, I believe that my social identity as an international student will only be strengthened when I clearly master the ar

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