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Can Charities Survive Trump? For Some, It's Life and Death (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Select 3 news articles that have been recently published on the Internet. Articles should be on topics affecting the nonprofit sector.
Write a summary on each article. Each summary should be approximately 10 sentences.
Include the link to the original articles in your submission.

Examples can be found on our website From the Home page scroll down to "Top Stories". Look at the pieces that are either not a Video, or from the AP. A good example would be, "New Art Exhibit Challenges Stigma of Mental Illness", or "Press Organizations from Coalition to Fight First Amendment Violations".

Instructor’s Name
Can Charities Survive Trump? For Some, It's Life and Death
An article by Liz Moyer on New York Times asserts that non-profit organizations are facing a life and death threat which threatens to cut off the funding as the new administration under President Trump resumes office. According to Tom Sheridan who has been a long term serving lobbying firm holder, the new administration is against funding social programs and is aiming at slashing the budgets for such programs. Instead, the Trumps administration aims to increase funding on areas of Homeland Security and military. Sheridan says that most of the nonprofit organizations may be headed for extinction if the federal governments continue slashing the budgets.
Nonprofits have experienced fight from previous governments but not as much as the current pressure from Trump's administration. Unlike the Republicans, Democrats have been on the front line supporting the nonprofits organizations that helped the communities tackle problems such as the American Cancer Society. Under Clinton's administration, the AmeriCorps was initiated and received a great boost from Obama's administration that saw it expand and established the Social Innovation Fund. Trump's administration is fighting tax deductions for funding charitable donations which clearly indicates that such organizations may become extinct given a lack of alternative funding
Source: /2017/04/05/business/dealbook/charities-budget-cuts-trump.html?_r=0
How You Can Help Refugees around the World
An article by Tara Siegel Bernard in New York Times posit that, while the number of displaced people who end in refugee camps i...
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