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After Watching The Dragon's Den, Answer 10 Question (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


After watching the dragon's den, answer 10 question. For the 8 and 10 question, the answer need to related to the text book, i will give you the ppt of each chapter.


The product of interest is pitched by Shaun Price and he is introducing about building fires. In his pitch, he introduces a box that is filled with wood shavings, a lid at the top and some openings at the bottom. This is a product that he claims will make lighting fires such as camp fires with more ease that what most people will use such as gasoline, kerosene, papers and wood (Ji, Ken).
According to shown, he got the idea from the looking without any luck a simpler way that he could light fires. He has quite an experience with building fires but he always struggled and saw people struggle with lighting fires. As such he decided to come up with a way to make the process much easier and chemical free (CBC).
This is a great business idea given the amount of time it takes to light fires. This is especially the case when it comes to building simple camp fires and even other outdoor fires. It is a simple venture and one that takes little to no effort to get the fire started. It is going to make the process much easier and as such is likely to appeal to customers quickly. At the same time, given that it uses cheap materials most of which is basically waste such as wood chippings and carton boxes, the cost of production is low and it does not also include chemicals (Ji, Ken).
It is for this reason that the dragons agreed with the proposal given the ease with which it can be achieved and the fact that, it is a working idea. The dragons agree that it is an idea that is easy to implement and wi

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