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Business Writing Memo. Business and Marketing assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


You are an intern for Langston Education, a textbook publishing company. Your team is updating the business communication textbook. Your supervisor, Mr. Chase Patterson, has asked you to gather information on current business communication practices to include in the new textbook. Langston’s goal is to provide textbooks with real-world examples to demonstrate how the material students learn can be applied in a variety of careers. Your Task: Interview 2 working professionals about communication in the workplace. Prior to each interview, r eview the list of interview questions on Blackboard. Add or alter the questions as needed to adapt to the industry, role, and experience of your interviewees. Be prepared to ask follow-up questions to gather examples for your memo. In addition to your interviews, use information from at least 1 website about professional communication in your memo. Write a memo to your supervisor with 3 new topics to add to the textbook. Include examples from your research to convince your reader that these topics cover important information for the new textbook. Format: Upload your memo to Blackboard in a word document. Use 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, and single-spaced text. Your memo should be in organized paragraphs. Follow the memo format provided below. Your memo should be at least 1.5 pages. You will not earn points just for reaching this page length; please refer to the rubric for grading criteria. However, most students require a minimum of 1.5 pages to provide the information necessary to fulfill the assignment goals.
February 14, 2020To: Mr. Chase Patterson From: Your NameSubject: (write a brief and informative subject line)Your first paragraph should not have a heading. See the Business Communication Memo video on Blackboard for example introduction paragraphs. Paragraphs are not indented in memo format; each paragraph is single spaced with a space between paragraphs. Headings Use headings to organize your memo; headings are in bold text. You should have multiple paragraphs of information under each heading. Your headings should be the 3 topics to include in the new textbook. Usea heading for your conclusion paragraph (see the video for examples). Memos do not include a signature (for example: “sincerely”) at the end; you have already indicated the sender’s name at the start of the memo.
Interviewees: It is perfectly acceptable to interview relatives or friends for this assignment. The interviewees can work in any career field. This does not need to be limited to business career fields; all jobs require communication on a daily basis. Please include a 1-2 sentence descriptionof the job and company for each interviewee in the memo. You do not need to include the company/organization name if the interviewee prefers not to have this information shared. Scheduling Your Interviews: Plan in advance to schedule and conduct your interviews. If your interviewee does not provide detailed information, consider asking for a follow-up interview or finding another person to interview. To create a quality memo, you need to gather detailed information and examples during your interviews.Memo Content:Organize your memo around 3 topics to cover in the new textbook. Include examples from your research to expand on each topic. Write descriptive headings that highlight the key idea of each section. Group similar information together to create distinct topics. Your memo should provide details and examples to demonstrate that you conducted 2 in-depth interviews and used 1 additionalwebsite source. To verify that you conducted the interviews, please include the email address of each interviewee at the end of your memo. Include the link to your website source at the end of your memo.Reference Your 2 Interviews & 1 Additional SourceIn the text of the memo, it should be clear where your information is from. Follow these examples to refer your interviewees and your additional source.


Date: February 10, 2020
To: Mr. Chase Patterson, Supervisor Langston Education
From: Your Name
Subject: Additional Topics for the Textbook
This writing aims to provide an update about the research task about the possible new sets of topics that can be added to the organization’s textbook. Effective communication within the workplace has become an indispensable tool in the conduct of the business. In line with this, three interviews with two respondents namely (1) Jessica Formoza and (2) Bruce Mailey. On the one hand, Formoza works in a local company that specializes in the Business Process Outsourcing for about 5 years since now. On the other hand, Mailey, has been employed as a logistics coordinator in a Logistics company in Michigan, United States. 

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