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Annotated Bibliography: Panda. Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


You will be responsible for seeking out at least three primary sources for your term paper,
though you can have as many as you would like for your own use (all sources must be from a
scholarly journal; you cannot use websites [e.g., Wikipedia] or textbooks). Use consistent
formatting (e.g., MLA, ALA, etc.) for each source. State the name of your topic at the top of your
bibliography. Summarize key information (paraphrase in your own words). You can use bullet
points or full sentences (whatever is most amenable to your writing process). You must include
at least 150 words per reference (= 450 words total). You will be assessed based on adherence
to formal formatting protocols (see the Purdue writing center website:
https://owl(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/purdue_owl.html) and paraphrasing of suitable information for
the term paper. The annotated bibliography is due by 5:00pm on November 13 (Session
11)(there will be a 15% reduction in your grade for each 24-hour period that your bibliography
is late).


Student’s Name
Annotated Bibliography: Panda
Sheng, Guilian, et al. "Paleogenome Reveals Genetic Contribution of Extinct Giant Panda to Extant Populations." Current Biology (2019).
Sheng, Basler, and Paijmans offer insights about the first nuclear paleogenome of the giant panda. The researchers categorize the giant panda among the iconic mammalian species that is historically widespread across northern China to Southwestern Asia. Little research has been conducted on the genetic aspects of the giant pandas. Sheng, Basler, and Paijmans conducted a genome sequencing of a 5000-year-old giant panda from Jiangdongshan, Tengchong County, in Yunnan Province, China. The researchers found that the sample represented a population that was regarded genetically distinct and different from the current giant pandas . The researchers also established that there were differential and a mixture of the ancient population among the current giant panda population. The study also established directional gene flow that implies there was transfer of the alleles from the ancient population to the modern giant pandas. From these findings, Sheng, Basler, and Paijmans found that modern pandas are likely derived from the ancient population.

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