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Tangerine' by Sean Baker Film Research Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Intro to Cinema Studies: Final Paper
Within spitting distance of 1750 words

Formatting: 12pt font, Times New Roman, 1” margins, double-spaced

25% of final grade
For this assignment, you'll perform an analysis of a film screened in class: Tangerine
Your analysis should focus on film form. Avoid conferring with outside sources; you do not need them. Don't choose a film that you have written about for a previous assignment.*
Your paper should have a thesis (main argument). Your thesis should appear in the first paragraph. A paper without a thesis cannot earn better than a C. As with previous assignments, your thesis should be supported by close description.
You can discuss any aspect(s) of form – but be careful to keep your thesis narrow enough for it to be adequately supported within the limits of the word count. Though your thesis may make an argument about the film as a whole, you will not be able to “cover” the entire film in your paper. Choose the best examples to support your thesis.
Your textbook (film art an introduction 11th edition by David Bordwell) can help you decide how to approach your film -- there are guiding questions at the end of chapters (p. 71 might be particularly helpful).
Final papers must be substantially different from your previous work.
Side Notes:
Make sure to keep this liberal & creative, it's for liberal arts film school.
Please don't use outside sources to plagiarize.
If anything, maybe just use the movie as the sole source. Use nuanced references, if really needed.
I turn it in hard copy and online. She is smart and will detect any references to this paper from other sources.
Don't refer the paper within the paper; that's what kids in lower grade school do. For example, “in our discussion” should not be used etc
Don't be as wordy/pedantic. Use extensive / creative vocabulary & be concise as opposed to lots of words for no reason.
Don't say stuff like “this is further supported by...”, “to address the former thought” etc. it's something an elementary grade student would write in a research paper
Give specific examples, don't be pedantic or redundant, have an understanding of the film as a whole & have an understanding of film as an art/various terminologies within cinema studies
I believe Tangerine is on Netflix to stream. Please make sure the entire film is watched, understood, and cinema studies must be a known subject to you.


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Tangerine – A Film analysis
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December 21, 2017
Tangerine is one of the most peculiar film that hit the cinemas back in 2015. In the first scene of the film, the two main protagonists – Alexandra and Sin-Dee – were introduced. During that time, both of them were catching up in Donut Time, a local convenient store within their block, as Sin-Dee was just released from prison. Both of these characters showcased troubled personalities, with Alexandra eager to find the money that she needs to “perform” later that night and Sin-dee portrayed as an embodiment of all the negative qualities that a person could have. It was also in the same scene when Sin-dee erupted in anger after discovering that Chester (her boyfriend) was cheating with a “fish” named Dinah – a Blonde white woman – who is the exact opposite of our protagonists. Considering most contexts in which this movie could be watched, I believed that this dilemma would surely espouse themes of racism and gender discrimination. Nonetheless, upon a closer inspection of how the film's mise-en-scène, which includes its videography, main characters, and storyline progress, I would contest that this film is about how the lower classes accept polygamy as a norm.
One of the most crystal clear fact as one ponders on the film was that it was made with a relatively low budget. The main storyline follows a linear direction, from the time when the two protagonists were talking, up until the time when they reach the conclusive end where they part ways after the commotion at Donut Time. The shots also feature a grainy quality that was at times a little bit darker since it only utilized practicals and ambient light for the most part of the film. Some of the clips were also wobbly, especially when the characters are walking fast suggesting that the cameraman might have used a low-quality equipment, not including any stabilizers or perhaps a low-quality one. Even the furniture and other props used in this film were nothing more than standard and cheap yet very efficient in order cut the cost of production. Notice that for the most part the movie was shot in the streets and that many houses and establishments used in the film – such as Donut Time, the “Party Room”, and even the bar where Alexandra performed – only had very short on-screen appearances. Ultimately, this combination of low-quality shots, thrift settings, and unpopular characters captured the very essence of the downtown districts and the low-class persona of the protagonists who are nothing more than prostitutes living in situations characterized by “normlessness”.
One of the most memorable scenes in the film was the one taken in the “Party Room”. As Sin-Dee stormed the place, the scene used a wide angle (or long shot) as it tries to establish the place and the whole context of the situation. As the camera moves around the room, the environment shows an intercourse between dirty old men and young prostitutes while they make the most out of the cramped spaces in the house. As we focus our senses on the lighting conditions of the scene, one could now see that the only light sources were practicals such as lampshades and dim lights hanging from the wall. This soft key lighting with well-defined shadows strengthens the eerie atmosphere which characterizes the situation that prostitutes live in.
It was right after the scene in the party room, where Sin-Dee found Dinah and started dragging her all over the streets. This was one of longest scenes as the two characters struggled with each other until they reached the bar where Alexandra performed her ...

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