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Journal 5: What Type Of Perspective Is Being Used? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1. Read the two documents of collected excerpts on the use of space in art (on Blackboard, in Course Documents) 
2. Find a work of art that features perspective. Take a picture of this example.
3. Answer the following questions:
What did you take a picture of?
What type of perspective is being used? How do you know?
What are three additional space related terms you can apply to this example? (Describe these terms in context, be specific.)
Journal Entry General Instructions: 
Students will be given journal entry prompts every week based on the readings and multimedia materials (videos, podcasts) that they are required to read/ watch that week. Each journal entry will have a visual component and a written component. For each journal entry, you will need to:
Read/watch the required materials
Take a picture based on the specified prompt
Write a 300-500 word reflection based on the specified prompt (1-2 pages double spaced)
While 13 journal entry prompts will be provided throughout the semester, only 10 journal entry responses are required. 
Journal entries must be turned as .doc, .docx, or .pdf format (the picture and the written reflection should be in the same file).


The picture taken is that of a painting with the image of a road that heads out into the distance. This is a painting that shows a road that is wider at the foreground and then becomes thin as it heads out into the background of the painting.
Ideally, it is clear that the perspective that is in use, is that of linear perspectives. There is the element of, images in the foreground appearing as if they are big while those in the background are smaller. The road in question is of even width, however due to the perception of space and depth, it appears wider in the sect

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