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Film Critique: Dead Poets Society (1989) (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Completion Marker #4: 4 Hours FILM CRITIQUE -100 POINTS
Your film critique must be at least two pages, double-spaced using 12 point font. It will contain at least five paragraphs of 100 words each. 500-word total minimum. You must submit your document file via the link provided in CHAPTER 9: WRITING Folder. It will be written over the film, DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989).
The film critique should be at least five paragraphs:(1) Intro Paragraph, (2) First Criteria for a Successful film, (3) Second Criteria for a Successful film, (4) Third Criteria for a Successful film, and 5) A closing paragraph concerning the film and how it relates to a social issue(s).
Paragraph 2, 3 and 4 should be over three separate topics that we have covered in class that you believe are necessary criteria for a successful film and then analyze that specific topic in the film. For example, you might choose three of the following statements, analyze each of the topics in DEAD POETS SOCIETY, and then choose two to three examples to support each of your chosen criteria topics from the film that supports each of your statements.
You do not have to use the statements below. These are just different example statements that you could use in the three body paragraphs that represent the criteria that you believe are needed to make a film successful.
Paragraph 5 should be over how the film comments on particular social issues. You may choose to discuss only one issue that the film addresses or more than one. It is up to you. Please do a little research on the film. There is tons of information out there about different social issues that the film addresses. You may have more than five paragraphs but not less.

Good Story: A great movie must have a good plot that tells both an intriguing and unusual story.
Suspense: Some element of the film must keep the audience on edge and make them eagerly anticipate a resolution.
Originality: The film must present some new concept or idea that has hardly been explored by its predecessors. Some amount of creativity and innovation should invent never-before-seen content.
Good Actors/Good Cinematography: No matter how great a job the writers did coming up with a story, it must be properly executed. The actors must convince the audience they are the characters they're portraying, and the camera crew must capture the scenes in a manner that best illustrates the story.
Profound Message: Within the story, there should be brought to light a particular moral or ethics.
Good Setting: The characters must be placed inside an environment that contributes to their actions and interactions while also emphasizing the themes and moods of the film. The scenery should be pleasing to the eye while not detracting from the main focus of the scene.
Soundtrack: I heavily subscribe to the adage "music is the language of the soul". Sound should compliment the visuals, but also help convey the emotion of each scene. If those two aspects contradict each other, diegetic and non-diegetic soundtracks should each support a separate element in opposition to the other.
Composition: Everything must be arranged in a comprehensive manner that upholds the story.
Special Effects: The film visuals must maintain professional quality and stimulate the audience. Special effects should be used appropriately when they compliment the emotion of each scene and support the setting.


Film Critique: Dead Poets Society (1989).
Peter Weir's film Dead poets society (1989), aimed at challenging conventional education systems. The character John Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) tries to help the children abandon the sense of practicality that they have been taught from time to time. According to Keating, the passion for poetry has more applicable goals for the students, and therefore they should seek its passion and pursue it instead of abiding by the practicality of issues taught in conventional educational systems. In other words, the film intends to illustrate the decision-making process in situations that need doing what is required to be done instead of doing what we like or love doing. The film requires the audience to always have different approaches to situations to recognize and embrace differences that may arise. It not only applies to the education system but also in every day's activities for each in societies.
Dead Poets Society is a revolutionary film because it addresses an issue that all members of a society are likely to encounter at a particular moment of their lives. In this case, the director presents the film in a straightforward perspective. Its storyline is narrated chronologically, with no flashbacks or dream sequences. Its presentation is similar to the academic school year, thus bringing out the realism in it. Additionally, there are minimal cinematic tricks throughout the film and has neither a narrator nor any voice-over explanations. The characters and themes in the film are presented in a manner that involves the viewers. It is a technique that strengthens its message to the audience, thus making Dead Poets Society a unique, original, and effective film.
In an attempt to reflect the positive and negative

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