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Creative Location Paper: Reflect On Your Experience (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


DUE: Monday, 11/20
Ultimately settle on the reading attached (here is new york) on one to study. Please print that one out and make notes, especially regarding how the writer creates a sense of place for the audience.
Under the sway of the reading, venture out to the neighborhood of Upper East Side in NYC (you can determine the extent of your wandering as some of the neighborhoods are fairly large). Plan to spend a couple of hours there. Walk around. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells. Slow your pace. Don't look down at your phone. Don't jam your brain with loud music or ear buds. Pay attention. Find somewhere to sit (a local cafe, a park bench) and take notes (ideally on pen and paper). Observe carefully and purposefully all that's around you. Begin to consider how the larger social, artistic, and natural forces of the city intersect at this site. Talk to locals. Find out something that other people don't know. (You can make something up if needed)
For the formal writing, reflect on your experience including as much sensory detail as possible. Maybe even try to write in the style of the author you chose. A page or so should do. On a separate page, type out a list of things you'd like to learn about the neighborhood. What would you need to know more about in order to unlock the secrets of this particular place in NYC? Consider any aspect-- historical, cultural, geographical, political, etc.
Approx. 2 pages total (1 more narrative in structure, 1 in list form); standard formatting guidelines.


Creative Location Paper
The Upper East Side in NYC in Manhattan borough and the place is less congested than I previously thought. However, this could be the result of some of the places being pricey, but even some sections of the expensive restaurants are open to the public. Such is the case of the Carlyle, one of the expensive restaurants in the area, which is also close to the Met Museum and venues of culture and museum. It is no surprise that one could find the most popular brands within the Upper East Side, and it is when you venture further towards shopping areas that you realize the culture of consumerism in this part of NYC. Most people increasingly use 2nd avenue to access the Upper East Side, and it has become convenient as train extensions now reach the area.
This is a part of the city that has been known by travelers for art, culture and food, and those I talked to people around of this that others could come into the city to enjoy what it has to offer. Besides the big restaurants there were more niche options like the Thai and Italian restaurants , and this is what makes Upper East Side one of the unique places in

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