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A Classical Music Concert Report: Julliard School Of Music (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


In order to complete this assignment, you must attend a classical music concert. Proof of attendance will be verified by turning in either a program or a ticket stub with your report. Your report will not be accepted without this proof of attendance. The report should be three to four pages in length, paragraph form, 1.5 line spaced, with 1.25” right and left margins, and 1” top and bottom margins. (Margins are usually pre-set in your word processing program. Check what the program defaults are before you add margin space.)
Where to find your concert venue: Any of the following websites: Lincoln Center, New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, Julliard School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes School of Music. You may also check the New York Times (Friday Week End section or Sunday Arts and Leisure section); Another newspaper; on line google search ~ classical concerts in New York, free concerts in New York, or free events in New York. I recommend a paid ticket concert. You are more likely to receive an appropriate quality venue for this project if you pay for the ticket. And although there are suitable free concerts that would qualify for this assignment, not all free concerts would qualify. Very suitable paid ticket choices would include: The New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall (various mediums and genres), Zankel Hall at Carnegie, Miller Hall at Columbia Univ., Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), and the Metropolitan Opera. These are some of the outstanding and just a few of the many venues available around town. Many of these venues have student ticket prices and they provide you with a program-notes playbill (booklet) that is extremely helpful in the writing of your report. You may be able to find a free venue as well. One suitable place to check would be the Julliard School of Music. Noon time concerts are not allowable because they are not full concerts. Please run your venue choice past me for approval if you want to make sure you are on the right track.
Organization: In the body of the report, please present your material in well organized paragraph form using complete sentences. There should be an opening paragraph introducing your total experiential materials: i.e. what kind of concert, where and when it was, who performed, etc. This is factual material with little editorial comment. There should be a final paragraph dealing with your overall experience from a subjective viewpoint: i.e. how did you like or dislike the concert, what did it mean to you, what surprised you, how did you “feel” about the experience. In the main body of the report, please write at least one paragraph on each piece of music describing what you heard and/or how you interpret what you heard. This is subjective discovery.
That paragraph should be accompanied with a second paragraph of factual information about the composer, and/or the piece of music and/or the style or genre. This is objective discovery. This second paragraph will be researched from the program, the library, or various on-line resources like Oxford Music On Line. Oxford Music On Line can be accessed through the BMCC web-page/libraries/articles/music/Oxford Music On Line. This material MUST be cited with footnotes.
If you attend an opera or theatrical event, please include a complete plot synopsis, a character sketch for each principle character, a description of the accompanying instrumental forces, and some material about the direction and/or production (i.e. lighting, staging, set, dance). This should not replace a description of what you heard, but should be in addition to that description.


Concert Report-An Evening of Baroque chamber music
An Evening of Baroque Chamber Music contained four pieces based on baroque music presented at the Julliard School of Music and prepared by Richard Egarr. The performance took place on Thursday, November 9, 2017, from 7:30pm. They were the Trois

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