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Artemisia Gentileschi Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


In class, we saw a painting by Artemisia Gentileschi. Her fame and position were unusual for her time, and raise the question of why there are so few women artists included in your textbook.

FIRST, please read the classic article by Linda Nochlin, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” at: https://www(dot)artnews(dot)com/art-news/retrospective/why-have-there-been-no-great-women-artists-4201/
SECOND, to give some context to Artemisia Gentileschi and Linda Nochlin, watch this short episode of the PBS series, The Art Assignment: https://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/video/trending-artists-of-the-17th-century-wwswcw/

Please write a short paragraph in which you comment on these two works in any way you see fit.
POST your paragraphs on the Forum by 9:00 a.m Tuesday, 20 October.
READ and RESPOND to at least two other posts by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, 22 October.
Could you please finish the first part as soon as possible? Our own thoughts are about 120 words, because I need to post before I can see what other students have written, so we can write a reply. The time is not very urgent, the final submission time is tomorrow night Eastern time.


Artemisia GentileschiFIRST, please read the classic article by Linda Nochlin, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” at:
In the article, Nochlin argues that one of the reasons why there are few female artists recognized as great as it was assumed that they could achieve greatness. There is an assumption that the lack of great woman artists was natural, and yet female artists faced institutional barriers in the art world. At the same time, there have been interesting, good, and underappreciated female artists. Bias against female artists rendered may invisible, the failure to recognize great artists partly because they are excluded in art history even when it applies to women. Few art historians admitted that women were great artists in the past, as the Western male viewpoint was the most dominant. SECOND, to give some context to Artemisia Gentileschi and Linda Nochlin, watch this s

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