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Differences Of Groups In Terms Of Opportunities And Resources (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


750-1000 words
 two books or book chapters,
 two refereed journal articles, and
 two reputable internet sources
For each of these sources, you will provide:
 The full bibliographical details of the item
 A brief description of the main argument/s of the author/s (books, chapters and articles only)
 A brief analysis of how the article has furthered your understanding of the topic and will be
useful for your essay
A template has been created to assist you with what is needed for each source – please see Moodle.
You will also be required to provide a brief essay plan.
You are welcome to use the Sociology LibGuide to support their efforts in this assignment.
Presentation requirements:
 1.5 line spacing
 12 point font sizing
 Page numbers in bottom right corner
Learning objectives assessed:
Skills in presenting coherently argued and well organised essays on sociological topics.
I'll send you the form, answer the questions on the form, and finally write a short essay plan.


Sociologists believe there are differences between groups in terms of opportunities and resources, and therefore life chances.
PART A – Annotated Bibliography
1 Books or book chapters
Book/chapter 1:
Full bibliographic details
Bartos, O.J. and Wehr, P., 2002. Using Conflict Theory. 1st ed. s.l.:Cambridge University Press.
A brief description of the main arguments
The authors have clearly examined how human conflict is a universal social problem. This issue is likely to occur as a result of unequal distribution of resources among different groups of people.
The authors stipulate that some of the resources which may cause conflicts between individuals and groups to include wealth disparity in the form of money and land among others. The power difference is also likely to favor some people over others. The authors stipulate that different groups of people such as whites and blacks are provided with unequal opportunities, wealth, prestige, and power. These prejudices are likely to cause conflict between people. The Conflict Theory may help in addressing these issues.
Relevance to the essay
This resource has enabled me to comprehend how the unequal distribution of resources and opportunities between different individuals and groups is likely to cause problems. Additionally, this book will provide insights into how differences in terms of resources may disadvantage some individuals thus resulting in unequal life changes. I will also understand how the Conflict Theory may be used to address these issues.
Book/chapter 2:
Full bibliographic details
Henslin, J. M., 2014. Essentials of Sociology. 11th ed. s.l.:Pearson.
A brief description of the main arguments
The author has applied the sociological perspective to examine social contexts which influence people’s lives. The author has stipulated how gatekeeping or social placement provides some people with opportunities such as good jobs, income, and lifestyle while other individuals are left with highly limited choices.
Relevance to the essay
This resource has enabled me to understand how differences in opportunities and resources between groups perpetuate social inequality in society. Additionally, the book will help in comprehending how social stratification affects people’s thinking and how this further profoundly impacts a group’s life chances.
2 Journal articles
Journal article 1:
Full bibliographic details
Zoch, A., 2014. Life chances and class: Estimating inequality of opportunity for children and adolescents in South Africa. Development Southern Africa , 32(1), pp. 57-75.
A brief description of the main arguments
This paper aims at evaluating the effects of socio-economic background may impact life chances as well as a child’s future perspectives. The author stipulates that children from privileged families are provided with numerous opportunities such as the level and quality of education while those from disadvantaged families have limited opportunities. Most

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