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Managing Change (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

hi can you pls see the Attachments there are all the information about the broject,,, thank you very much for help. source..
MANAGING CHANGE Name: Course title: Course code: Course institution: Date due: Introduction Section A Gold Touch Wholesales Company Gold Touch Wholesales Company is an American public limited company listed in the American Stock Exchange and one that opened its operations 10 years ago. It is an organization that purely deals with homecare products, detergents, cosmetic and all forms of baby products. It focuses on more than one product and has a geographically wide coverage for its products. It has since then been expanding its operations to the international market. The company has its sub branches spread all over the United States and other countries world wide. I was recently employed in the organization and asked to undertake a project feasibility study on Gold Touch Wholesales Company. The Company has been undergoing a lot of problems lately which made the Company experience a reduction in prices for goods and services as well as a loss of customers. Key information that needs to be addressed is as follows: As a company, you should make long term plans which will assist you in making reliable predictions. It is proper to draft a sound strategic plan that focus on details for measuring delivery and establishing of immediate actions not medium to long term plans. Furthermore, you need to arrange for communicating methods and forums to enhance immediacy in decision making and reviews (Kalyani, 2011). It is also essential to encourage the participation of interested people so as to allow their input to be gained and their expectations and commitment to be secured. Delegation of power and responsibilities will empower individuals to make crucial decisions at the local operating level and thus make recommendations which can be approved instantly. Moreover, there is a need to remove autocracy and interference within the organization which acts as obstacles to establishing a sustainable and successful culture. There is also a need to establish an environment of trust through two-way feedbacks and open door policies. There is need to listen without interfering or defending any of the feedbacks even when they are critical views or notions. Lastly, failure is inevitable whenever employees and the management work towards implementing change. Individuals should accept failure as an inevitable part of learning and sending positive views to consumers (Agboola, 2011). After taking notes from interviews and questionnaires from employees and managers it is clear that Gold Touch wholesales is in dire need for change. Some of the issues that were dominantly addressed include: Most employees argue that, there have been increased failures and unplanned consequences occurring in the company and no one has been addressing these issues because there have been fears related to job sacking. Monotonous activities and programmes have led to a lack of improvement in design and implementations thus the same brand of products have been circulating in the market. Team members have no time for learning, planning and reflecting on how they should come up with new brands. In addition, Gold Touch Wholesales has suddenly lost the initiative to attempt something different that would help them come up with new ideas and goals in the near future. Evidence has it that, the Leadership of the company has been inconsistent and in a way it has de-moralized most of the staff members and employees in the organization. Some employees have raised concerns on how they have been kept in the dark since a majority of the projects and payments have been made without their consent. Other possible reasons for Gold Touch Wholesales organizational change were as follows: Even though Gold Touch has been expanding its territories it is experiencing tough foreign regulatory requirements from competing companies existing in the outside countries. This has a long term eff...
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